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Have You Considered These Ambient Advertisement Options?

Covid-19 pandemic disrupted several industries. One of the worst hit industries is advertising. Advertisers who relied on the traditional advertising methods could no longer attract conversions, compared to the case before the pandemic. Therefore, advertisers switched to digital advertising. The digital advertising approach would become overcrowded, nearly unaffordable, and adverts got shorter attention span.  Therefore, it was hard to gain conversions, and it was clear that the advertisers had to switch to creative and even funny advertisement methods.
Although often described as funny advertisement method, the In hand media would soon become the best option. Examples of these funny advertisement methods that worked during and even post the lockdown included:

1.      Sanitizing stations

After World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a global pandemic, experts moved with speed to find the best ways to control virus from spreading. One of the control methods that is still effective is sanitizing hands on a regular basis. Therefore, the hand sanitizing stations are at various public locations like the hospitals, shopping malls, the government offices, schools and even colleges.

Indoor Advertising with Sanitizing Stations - Promotional Advertisement

The hand sanitizing stations feature a digital display where the advertisers can run advertisements. As people use the hand sanitizing stations, they interact with the advertisements. This means greater ad exposure. All that advertisers need to consider is to identify the hand sanitizing stations used by the target audience. For instance, if you were targeting the university students, the potential locations would be hand-sanitizing stations within and around the university. Likewise, those in the pharmaceutical industry can place adverts at the hand sanitization stations within and round the hospitals.

2.      Coffee Sleeve Marketing

Coffee Sleeves Marketing

Coffee shops use coffee sleeves to protect the customers from the hot coffee. Customized coffee sleeve are the perfect way to target coffee lovers. Coffee sleeves keep your customers engaged, getting your brand message clearly and effectively. To use this method effectively, the advertisers need to identify the coffee shops frequented by the target audience. Ensure high quality prints so that the message is clear and the target audience can take the desired actions.

3.      Pizza Box Marketing

Pizza deliveries increased during the pandemic. Advertisers can collaborate with pizzerias to deliver the brand message through printed pizza box tops. The advertisers logo and brand message appear on the pizza box tops. Thus, every pizza delivery is a potential opportunity for reaching the target audience.

Pizza Box Marketing

With pizza box marketing, the advertiser stands a chance to reach a wider audience. This is considering that the pizza lovers have a culture of sharing their live video while enjoying the pizza. Thus, as they open the pizza box, friends see the brand message.


4.      Door Hanger Marketing

Door Hanger Advertising costs

A door hanger advertising is a popular approach for reaching stay at home audience. The advertiser distributes door hangers bearing brand message around residential areas. The target audience will read the message as they walk in and out of their homes.  Thus, the advertiser has to research and discover the potential homesteads to achieve a high conversion rate.


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