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Costs of Tabletop Advertising

Here why Costs of Tabletop Advertising is Competitive

Tabletop advertising is one of the most effective approaches for generating more sales and building brand awareness. Classified as an ambient advertising method, the technique focuses on placing ads on the places where the target audiences least expects. Therefore, when target audiences are caught by surprise, there are higher chances of remembering the advertisement, and taking the action that the advertiser desires. One of the reasons businesses use the method is bases on the low costs of tabletop advertising. To understand the logic behind the low costs of tabletop advertising lets first talk about how the advertising approach works.

What is Tabletop Advertising?

As the name depicts, tabletop advertising refers to printing advertisements and placing on the tabletops. The advert can be in the form of flyers placed on the tabletop or advertisement message printed on the table surface. As the patrons walk into the restaurant and wait for their favorite drinks or meals, they are interacting with the advertisement message. The approach results in repetitive advertising; hence, the message sticks to the mind of the target audience. As you can see the advertising, approach is cheaper compared to putting up a billboard on the side of a busy highway.

advertisement on the tabletop

What are the Benefits of Tabletop Advertising?

Apart from the low costs of tabletop advertising, there are several other benefits resulting from use of tabletop ads. Here are some top benefits of deploying the advertisement approach.

1.      Potential to Build Brand Recognition

The target audiences will see the advertisement multiple times. That means greater chances of capturing the brand image into the mind of the target audience. Eventually, the advertiser will gain increased brand recognition.

2.     Fast to Deploy

With an experienced advertisement company, tabletop ads will take minimum amount of time to deploy. That means that the approach is suitable for businesses looking for the most effective and efficient advertisement method. Compared to time involved in putting up a billboard and researching the best places to generate maximum views, the tabletop ads will take less time to deploy.

3.     Deliver Ads In front of Target audience

When it comes to choice of advertising approach, advertisers will focus on the methods that increase the chances of delivering the message to the right audience. This is the case when it comes to the concept of tabletop ads. For instance, if an advertiser is targeting audience within a certain business park, the easiest approach is to identify the restaurant frequented by business people within the particular business park. The advertiser can then customize the message and deliver to the right audience.

4.     Generates High Return on Investment

We have seen that tabletop ad is a cost effective advertisement approach. Further, it is clear that advertisers generate more sales owing to the effective targeting and ability to capture the attention from target audience. Eventually, there is a high chance of generating a high return on the investment.


The cost of putting up a billboard depends on the location. For instance, putting up a billboard in Los Angeles, costs up to $20,000 per month. The cost of tabletop advertising in the same city is just a fraction of how much it costs to put up a billboard.   Therefore, for a business person looking to generate more sales at a fraction of advertising cost, contact Adzze for tabletop ads. At adzze, we have built capacity and we can deploy tabletop advertisements at a fraction of the cost involved in building a billboard. For details, contact us today.