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Ambient Marketing

Find out how much Ambient Marketing Costs!

The cost of advertising is most likely one of the operating expenses your company’s financial controllers may point at when asked to identify how to minimize the overall company expenses. However, the reality is that any business will need to cater for the advertising expenses if they are to achieve meaningful sales numbers. Do you know that ambient marketing costs less compared to traditional advertising?
Therefore, if you are a marketing manager struggling to distribute your limited marketing budget between different advertising methods, you may want to consider ambient marketing.
Before we look at why ambient marketing costs less, let us look at the phrase ambient marketing refers.

What is Ambient Marketing?

Ambient marketing refers to ads placement on unusual objects or unconventional places where no one expects to have the advert. Ambient marketing is based on the idea that the subtle things people notice around them have an impact on them. Therefore, when thinking of the best way to utilize your limited marketing budget effectively and generate a high return on the investment, think of the unconventional places where you may generate interest of the target audience.

Benefits of Ambient Advertising

Ambient advertising is used to market products and services in unexpected places. With Ambient Advertising, you can easily place your ads in places where your users have already been, find new ways to drive traffic to your Business, and monitor your success. You can create a unique ambient advertisement by using a variety of materials such as posters, banners, stickers, etc.
Note that ambient advertising is not just about placing the adverts outdoors, as is the case with billboards placed on roundabouts and high-rise buildings. The adverts could be placed inside popular restaurants on beer mats or even doormats. The key to achieving success with ambient marketing is choosing the best media format available and combining it with the effective marketing message.

How Much Does Ambient Marketing Costs?

Ambient Marketing costs less compared to placement of billboards at the busy highways and competing for ad space at the subways. This is considering that the advertiser has myriad of options when it comes to ambient marketing. Besides, the success of ambient marketing depends on level of creativity when designing your advertisement. In that regard, the advertisers ought to compare the different ambient advertising options to determine which one will generate more impact.
To keep the ambient marketing costs low, make sure you are targeting the right kind of audience. Therefore, before you come up with a strategy, consider where your target audience resides, and learn what they enjoy. For instance, if your target audience love hanging out at the movies, you could place negotiate with the organizers to have your brand message printed on the backside of the movie ticket.

Examples of Ambient Marketing Strategies

We have seen that ambient marketing costs is relatively lower compared to the conventional marketing methods. Here are examples of ambient marketing strategies for your business.

i)             Coffee Sleeves Advertising

coffee Sleeve
The coffee cup advertising method is an unconventional way to surprise your target audience. The approach involves printing your logo and advertising message on coffee sleeves that protects the coffee drinkers from the hot coffee. The coffee sleeves are then distributed to the coffee joints frequented by your target audience, generating hundreds of impressions depending on the traffic at the coffee joint.

ii)           Advertising on bar coasters

Coaster Advertising
Bar coaster marketing is another creative ambient advertising method used to spread messages to patrons as they enjoy their favorite refreshments. Advertising message is displayed through the printed bar coasters, usually placed on different tables. Therefore, it is an effective approach of getting your advertisement to the target audience.

iii)         Advertising on door Hangers

door hanger advertisements
This ambient marketing method works best when you want to target audiences while they are indoors. As the name suggests, the door hangers advertising method involves hanging printed cards on the doorknobs serving the targeted customers. Thus, this effective in-hand advertising method helps the advertisers to deliver the adverts to audiences who are less likely to spend time outdoors.

iv)         Pizza Boxes

Pizza box top advertising

Pizza box top advertising is a unique at home advertising method. The advertiser prints the advertisement message on the pizza toppers, and ships the printed toppers to the selected pizzerias. The advertising pizza venues distribute the pizza packed in the printed pizza boxes. By so doing, the advertising message is delivered to the target audience effectively.


We have looked at the different ambient advertising methods. These and more ambient advertising methods, contact Adzze. We have helped dozens of marketers to reach their target audience effectively through various ambient advertising methods.