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Here the Best Practices How to Select the Right Door Hanger Distributor

Door Hanger Distributor: best practices.

Guerilla marketing can be achieved by introducing elements of surprise and creativity is a smart way to provoke consumers attention. Guerilla advertising creates the possibilities of interaction with the recipient by evoking miscellaneous emotions and feelings by placing ads in unusual locations and with unconventional methods that had never used before. The guerilla concept has been applied by niche advertising agencies that lately have been targeting consumers by placing ads on daily consumables as door hangers, pizza box toppers, prescription bags, drink coastersCustom Coffee Sleeveshotel key cards, valet tickets, restaurant placemats and dry cleaner hangers as advertising space placing the message in the hand of the target audience.
This innovative method has been used by such niche agencies focus on the unconventional nature enhances the assimilation of the message that has a direct impact on increasing the brand recall rate
Here some practical examples:
A beer snack manufacturer that promotes a new product launch on beer coasters in NYC bars
The pharmaceutical companies can promote the new medication by placing a message on branded pharmacy bags in reputable pharmacy venues close to hospitals
A new museum offering a coupon discount on coffee cups targeting millennials
A high-end product advertised on hotel room key cards targeting high-end consumers
The new fitness center offering a promo code on pizza boxes after ingesting a decent amount of calories!

What is Door Hanger Advertising?

Door hanger is a form of guerrilla marketing in which advertisers place ads on the doors of consumers. Door hanger ads are a great way to reach consumers directly and provide them with valuable information about your brand. Door hanger advertising is an effective way to greet consumers and build brand awareness.

Flyer Hangers Marketing

The message of the advertiser is printed on door hangers and placed on the doorknob of households. Door Hanger Marketing  is an unconventional marketing tactics since the targeted audience do not expect to see the ad hanging on their doorknob.  The surprise effect of seeing flyers door hangers causes a cognitive stimulus on the consumers which enhances the assimilation of the message and makes it memorable. The households can be targeted by specific demographics and the advertiser must partner with the capable Door Hanger Advertising company to ensure to track the door hanger delivery to the targeted addresses. Typically, the return of Door Hanger Advertisement program is 3x, this means for every $1 invested, the advertiser receives $3 back (you can see more details on the ROI calculation at the end of this article).
An advertiser’s dream is to reach every last customer to grow the visibility of the brand. However, this is an impossible task especially for traditional advertising media. Fortunately, advertisers have access to guerilla advertising tactics like door hanger advertising. Unlike traditional advertising, door hanger advertising is unorthodox. In particular, this advertising vehicle reaches deep inside the target audience to display the brand to the exact group of people that a business desires. The challenge is to identify a Door Hanger distributor.

Challenges to identify the right Door Hanger Distributor

Most advertiser are inclined to think that digital ads are the most effective media to reach the audience. However, several studies demonstrated that many of the digital ads are not real and a lot of advertising budget is burned with the campaigns.
According to the Association of National Advertisers, only 25% of all digital ad spend ever reaches actual people. As chief brand officer of Procter & Gamble, Pritchard recently issued an ominous warning that P&G would no longer waste money on digital media channels that can’t prove that customers are seeing it. JPMorgan Chase, recently decided to have its ads appear on only 5,000 sites, cutting off 395,000 other sites since a lot of the others were proven to be fake. After this change, interestingly, thy only noticed a slight little change in the cost of impressions or the visibility of its ads on the internet.

How do Door Hanger Advertisement solve this problem?

The door hanger distributor is tracked by GPS during the door hanger delivery process. This ensures that door hanger delivery is reaching the right audience. At the end of the campaign, a report is provided with the GPS mappings and distribution points. In addition, the advertiser can track the effectiveness of the campaign by measuring the amount of sales, site visits, leads, received phone calls during the Door Advertising campaign.

Door hanger Marketing

The most difficult part when it comes to door hanger marketing is printing of the door hangers and finding the right Door Hanger distributor. One must ensure that the design is unique and the message is succinct and creative. This way, people will spend the shortest time possible to read and to understand. In addition, the creativity in the message should immediately capture their attention. This is critical if the advertiser is to generate high engagement rates.

Door Advertising and Targeting

The nature of media and advertisement is constantly evolving. Old rules must be reconsidered and most of them became obsolete and ineffective. As an advertiser, if you are not aware of these generational involvement and continue to build your marketing strategies around outdated ideas, you will find your ads – and your brands – very, very lonely.
Many advertisers still spend millions on print advertising and direct mail. Most people take the envelope right out of their mailboxes and drop it straight into the trash. Do you really want to be spending your valuable advertising resources on filling up someone’s garbage can? A recent Accenture Report (The Future of Advertising, 2016) surveyed executives who concluded that they expect ads to be increasingly focused on the consumer— meaning more personalized, targeted, and valuable.
How do Door Hanger Advertising solve this problem? The advertiser is given the option to drive a very specific targeting method by selecting the households according to the location (Zip code or addresses), income, social and ethical. The differential vs print or direct mail, the consumer cannot ignore your message placed on the door hangers since its hanging on their doorknob. The surprising effect helps the brain of the receiver to process it differently and enhances the assimilation of the message. This is the key factor that drives success of Door Advertising. This concept of door hanger delivery is very different than a boring mail message amount many others. The changes are higher that the consumer will respond to the promo code or discount placed on flyers door hangers.  In addition, the message delivered by door hanger distributors n be customized to that specific target group. The advertiser can include a discount coupon or voucher to provide even more purchase incentive and drive sales.
If audience targeting is a challenge, then the advertising medium cannot achieve desired results. Luckily, an advertiser can use a hanging door flyer to reach the target audience at an individual level. Door Hanger Distributor are not easy to identify.

Cost of Door Advertisement vs Traditional Media

Traditional advertising vehicles like billboards are expensive. A simple ad campaign might cost you $10,000 for one month. Besides costs, billboard advertising comes with other challenges like public outcry due to visual pollution. This means that you will not only be paying excessively for a spot on the billboard but you will also incur the wrath of the public. For marketers, this is an advertising disaster.
The cost of Advertising Door Hangers depends on the total quantities/units to be produced, the complexity of the creative/design, the distribution location and shipping costs. By selecting the right door door hanger distributors and tracking companies; the cost per flyers door hangers unit might average between $0.25-0.60 per unit. Let’s now compare it with the current outdated advertising methods:
Billboards: the costs of billboards depend on the format, size, creative, location and demographics. Any attempt to calculate the cost of impressions can be useless and you cannot precisely identify how many people are looking at the billboard, for how long and if they remember the message. Traditional billboards cost $14,000-20,000/month in larger markets.
Now let’s put it into the comparison perspective: for the cost of 1 billboard in a larger market, you can reach approximately 50,000 households with a personalized message on your Door Hanger Ads. This is a large reach impact that could cover every household in a small city. What would you prefer: paying for a billboard that is not personalized and not even noticed by distracted drivers or reaching 50,000 households that will literally grab your ad in their hands?
Direct Mail: the cost of direct mail as postcards are approximately $0.20-0.40 per unit. This is slightly lower than Advertising Door Hangers or even same cost. Now let’s put it into the comparison perspective: approximately 60% of the postcards or letters go straight to the garbage and don’t even get noticed while 100% of the consumers must touch the door hangers. This brings the ‘’cost per visualization’’ of post cards 2x than Door Hanger Marketing

ROI of Door Hanger Marketing

Let’s assume that you are the owner of a local Greek restaurant and you want to improve your sales. The recent pandemic caused you a drastic business harm since the past months most Americans were forced to stay home quarantined. Now that your activities are back to normal you must recover the lost sales with more a creative approach.
You start planning the delivery of door hangers. You include a promo coupon offering one free appetizer if they come to your restaurant and order at least one entry. Let’s assume that you distributed 10,000 door hangers.
Typical conversion rates of Door Hanger Advertising very between 4-8%. This percentage will depend on how attractive the offer is and how compelling the artwork. Let’s assume for this case a 5% client conversion.
Audience Reach: 10,000
Converted clients (5%): 500 new customers
Sales price of an entry: $20
Incremental sales (after the campaign): $10,000
Cost of the door hanger campaign: $3,000
Return on the Door Hanger Advertising investment: 3x.
So for every 1 dollar you invested in a door hanger campaign, you received at least additional 3 dollars of sales.