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Augmented Reality Agencies

Experience the Best with Augmented Reality Agencies

We know that AR is the digital generation of data through what the user sees in reality. By 2023 (Threekit, 2020), the worldwide VR / AR market is predicted to own a 77% annual rate of growth.
To have a mutually unbreakable and almost perfect relationship between retailers and customers, brands use AR marketing applications. In this process, brands deliver an interactive experience through marketing campaigns.

Augmented Reality Agencies

Augmented reality agencies are groups of people that are the most professional in their challenging content. They deliver innovative content to the brand and provide the opportunity for new relationships and engagement. By offering new content, they deepen the connection and create a special experience. Audience activation is achieved through expansive influence on social media.

5 Great Augmented Reality Advertising Examples For Your Business

Marketing companies have included AR to increase sales and ultimately accentuate the value and vitality of the brand. The action starts with the testing of the product by the customer, and with the use of virtual dynamic elements, the excitement of the target group is achieved, which is the definite intention to sell.
If we use the data from the research of artillery intelligence, in 2020 there were 598 million active AR devices (Reydar, 2021) and it is expected that by 2024 there will be 1.73 billion active AR devices.

AR Advertising Examples

To approach the target customers AR in advertising uses digital components based on sites and products using interactive flyers, interactive 3D models, and websites.

Why Advertising with AR vs Advertising in Malls

WebAR advertising guarantees a very successful path to the customer and tends to constant growth. In the next 6 months (Awexr, n.d.), the intention of a fivefold purchase is expected to increase. When buying, 32% of consumers (Threekit, 2020) use AR in 2021, and retail sales are expected to account for 5% of 2022 using AR.
AR OOH advertising is becoming more digital over time with the application of QR codes on posters and billboards. In that way, it enables greater engagement and monitoring. It is characterized by great potential and achieves valuable results in a short time.
Marketers use AR print marketing as one form of AR OOH advertising by converting flyers and catalogs by moving from the web to a mobile phone as a ready-to-sell product.

AR Flyers Advertisement

Marketers also use business cards to turn them into video ads, and former print ads through interactive links and codes using scanning give them a new life.
Understandably, on the way to achieving good results, even using AR challenges should be overcome both by the creators of advertising and by the targeted audience.


On the way to uniting and refreshing these activities, there are augmented reality agencies that, with their high expertise or with the high engagement of their professional team, and significant experience, create new, attractive, artistic, and technical content.