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AR Advertising

Here The Reasons Marketers Are Using AR Advertising

Augmented reality is no longer a vision for the future. It is already shaping up as the most significant reality of today. Companies around the world are seeing it an accelerate time to market using AR advertising and improve product ROI right now.
Sources from retail customer experience say that furniture and lifestyle retailer CB2 experienced that the product pages featuring 3D and AR features drove 21% higher revenue per visit and a 13% lift in overall order size. Discussed on marketing dive, 3D content built upon AR advertising can increase conversion by up to 27.96% on retailer websites.

Here the 4 Reasons Why AR Print Advertising is the Future

We are here with solid reasons to incorporate AR advertising into your sales and marketing strategies. And want you to see how marketers run augmented reality OOH. AR simplified the sales cycle drastically. Product images and instructions in a brochure can’t tell the whole story. AR advertising helps customers to understand better and see the hidden features of a product. The ease of experiencing makes the purchasing decision confident and quick. AR advertising can turn any consumer packaging into an interactive Ad. Like the Zapper has been doing for their forward-thinking clients since 2018 and one of the top reasons you should try AR OOH Ads now. Learn more about the power of AR advertising in the future of AR OOH advertising.

Higher brand recall

Generate revenue while standing out

These interactive 3D experiences increase customer engagement and understanding. People buy what they understand. If they are sought with your product, you gain a competitive advantage and incremental revenue along with brand imaging.

Differentiate from competition

Go for cost-cutting and sustainability

Marketers are Using AR Print Marketing
AR advertising is not only a cutting-edge marketing tool but it also a cost-effective option to market your product. They limit the need to create bulk support print material for product demonstration. A minimal and sustainable approach is optimally achieved through AR advertising while standing you out as a forward thinker marketer.

Enable higher engagement and interactive ads:

Achieve customer satisfaction and retention

Through AR technology, your customers experience your product in a whole new way. Interacting with your product through AR advertising lets them be clear about what they will have in real life. It also increases the satisfaction and goodwill of a brand.  In addition to this, they get a chance to go through the product in a fun way like IKEA has been doing for a decade.


Bring your brand to life and compete with diligence using AR advertising in your marketing tactics. An impressive and competitive AR advertisement should be the perfect balance of AR technology and creativity to let you embark on the journey of a leading business.