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Marketing With Door Hangers

Economic Recovery: How to use Marketing With Door Hangers

After the damage inflicted by COVID-19, the global economy is entering the recovery phase. However, even with the discovery of a vaccine, the Coronavirus scare is still staring at us. The CDC has advised that people should continue observing safety measures. Therefore, we cannot just assume that it is back to normal business yet. Measures like avoiding congested places will continue to apply. We see organizations encouraging their staff to keep working from home while learning institutions are focusing on the establishment of online learning.
As enterprises look at increasing their spend on marketing, they need to be wary of approaches that will generate a high return on investment. The reality is that COVID-19 disrupted the usual way of doing things, and so billboards and advertising on subways may never gain traction even post COVID.  The challenge is on how to get your brand to the hands of the consumer.

Door Hanger Ads

For marketers, it would help if you focus on advertising approaches that get the message to the hands of the consumer. A good example is marketing with door hangers.

How does Marketing with Door Hangers work?

As the term suggests, this refers to the use of printed hangers, to be placed at the doors of the target consumer.
For instance, assuming you are targeting consumers living at a certain apartment. To reach them, print door hangers and place them on their doors. Therefore, as the homeowners leave for work or come back home, they interact with the advertisement.
Eventually, by using the door hanger, you have delivered the brand message to the target consumers in an effective way.

Door Hanger

Benefits of Advertising through Door Hangers

Marketing with door hangers offers several advantages to your business. Here is an overview of some of the advantages you enjoy as you advertise through door hangers:
Lower Cost: Door hanger ads would not cost as much it would cost to put up a billboard. Therefore, the approach is effective for enterprises that want to save on marketing but achieve high impact.
Higher ROI: when setting the marketing budget, the question is what the organization shall achieve. For any business, the desire is to achieve a high return on investment no matter the amount spent. Marketing with door hangers reaches the target audience and generates a high return on investments compared to other marketing approaches.
Effective Targeting: The hangers are printed and hanged on doors used by targeted consumers. The doorknob is obviously the first place the hand goes when opening or shutting the door. Therefore, the method is 100% effective when it comes to reaching targeted consumers.
Unique Advertising Approach: Marketing with door hangers is an approach that gives your brand a unique approach to reaching the target audience. Ideally, most businesses are used to billboards advertising and advertising on subways. Therefore, give your brand a unique touch by marketing with door hangers.


At Addze, we have built the capacity to provide the best of marketing with door hangers. Therefore, if you are looking for the best advertising approach that gives you high returns on investment, contact us today.