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Does Wild Posting Advertising Work?

Wild posting advertising is a street level advertising where paper posters are pasted on buildings and road barricades. Although wild posting advertising has been popular for several decades, the approach is often not as effective as in-hand advertising. Moreover, environmentalists and governments regard wild posting as a non-environmental friendly practice, and discourage advertisers from using the approach to communicate their brand messages.
Thus, although wild posting advertising may be a cheaper alternative, it is not the best approach for reaching out to your customers.  Thus, businesses need to consider more effective advertising approaches like in-hand advertising.

What is in-hand advertising?

Classified as unconventional advertising, in-hand advertising involves placement of adverts on unusual locations or medium. An in-hand advertisement does not have to be outside. Instead, the advertisement can be located anywhere and everywhere, so long, as it reaches the target audience. In that regard, the key to in-hand advertising is choosing the best media format available and ensuring an effective message is included to the advertisement. Why should businesses consider switching to in-hand advertising rather than the wild posting advertising method?

in-hand advertising

Benefits of In-Hand Advertising

In-hand advertising comes with various advantages to the advertiser. Here is an overview of some of the top advantages or benefits of deploying in-hand advertising.

1.      Cost Effective Approach of Reaching To your customers

One of the reasons to go in-hand advertising rather than the conventional advertising like use of posters on buildings is based on the cost effectiveness. Ideally, you can run hundreds or thousands of in-hand advertisements at a fraction of the amount you pay to print posters or banners placed on billboards. Therefore, it makes sense for the businesses that are looking for cost effective advertisement approach, to switch to the more cost effective form of advertising, which in this case is the in-hand advertising method.

2.      Creative and Unique Advertising

Another top reason to use in-hand advertising is the uniqueness and the ability to ensure creative adverts. Therefore, the in-hand adverts are attractive to the audience, and so likely to earn more attention compared to the boring conventional advertisement approaches.

3.      The Best Targeting Approaches

When it comes to choice of advertising method, it helps if you choose to go for the method that enables you to target customers when they are ready to purchase. Various methods like advertising through placemats, bar coaster and even grocery dividers enable the advertiser to reach the audience who are ready to purchase.

4.      High Brand Exposure

Another top reason to advertise through in-hand advertising methods is the ability to generate a high brand exposure. Simply put, this is because the in-hand adverts focus on reaching the consumer directly and at a time when the consumer is likely to pay attention.
Therefore, in-hand advertising is the best approach of reaching your target customers. Some of the top examples of ambient advertising include:
1.  Advertising at sanitization stations
2.  Shopping bag advertising
3.  Pharmacy bag advertisement
4.  Grocery divider advertisement
5.  Shopping cart adverts


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