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QR Code Advertising

Why Are Marketers Using QR Code Advertising?

The application of QR codes first went public when car manufacturers used the technology to improve the manufacturing process. Years later, the QR code was applied in supply chain management, when businesses wanted to track their products, and monitor the market. Recently, and mostly during the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw restaurant owners use QR codes in a bid to minimize interactions at their restaurants. Thus, customers find a QR code on the restaurant table, where they can scan and interact with the restaurant staff seamlessly. Today, we have QR code advertising, where advertisers are printing QR codes on traditional and ambient advertising techniques. So, why are marketers using QR code advertising? Read on to find out.

1.      To monitor Advertising Campaigns

One advantage of introducing QR code advertising for your business, is that you have the ability to measure engagements.
Ideally, an advertiser wants to find out how many people interact with the advertisement. With that data, they can know how to target more people, or even reach conclusions on whether they are targeting the right people.

QR code advertising on door hangers

With QR code advertising on door hangers, the advertiser can know what time the targeted audience scanned the advert, and whether they took the desired action. Thus, the advertiser can reach logical conclusions, intended to improve the advertisement even in future.

2.      Collect First Party Data

We live in times when data is a critical asset to every business. Using QR code advertising on ambient ads, you can collect as much data as you wish to collect. For instance, let us say you want to find out the age group of people living within a particular residence, and eat pizza. Therefore, you print QR code on pizza tops and collaborate with the leading pizzeria in that region. With every pizza delivery heading to that locality, the pizzeria manager makes sure the top has your QR code. Therefore, when the recipient scans, they are directed to the landing page, where they fill their demographic data. Just like that, you have the data, and can put it into use.

QR Codes Marketing On Pizza Boxes

3.      Direct Interaction With Target audience

coaster advertisingThere are so many potential customers out there!  The question is, are you using the right technique to reach and connect with them? Luckily, QR code advertising on ambient adverts can help you reach the target audience. Consider a situation where you are targeting university students within your locality, and you want them to download an app.  Using QR code advertising on bar coasters, you can direct them to your landing page, showing them the features on your application, and why it’s relevant to them. That way, you can gain thousands of app downloads in a few days.



4.      Integrate Your Marketing Campaigns With AR Tools

When it comes to application of QR code advertising, there are endless possibilities. For instance, if you are a fashion store that is already using AR tools to reach customers, a QR code could be used to communicate to the target audience. By simply printing QR codes on coffee sleeves, you will be able to reach the customers whenever they scan the QR code.

QR Code on coffee sleeves


Are you ready to take your advertisements to the next level? At Adzze, we provide QR code advertising on various ambient marketing techniques like door hangers, bar coasters, pharmacy bags, pizza boxes, coffee sleeves, and others. For more details, call us today!