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Hand sanitizer Stand advertising vs Ads On Trucks

Why Marketers use Hand Sanitizer Station with Ad Displays

Businesses are focusing on economic recovery after months of shutdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The CDC has warned businesses to focus on COVID-a9 preparedness, response, and control.
Therefore, business owners are required to take into account workplace safety precautions. The safety precautions include social distancing, minimize the degree to which employees interact with the public in person, and provide sanitization stations.  Therefore, despite the recent discovery of a vaccine, the safety measures will continue to apply.
Let’s bounce some ideas?
For advertisers, a hand sanitizer station with an AD display provides a chance to increase brand exposure. Consider that the CDC is encouraging employers to provide employees with handwashing stations as a way of controlling the spread of COVID-19. Besides, people are already used to washing their hands on a regular basis. Therefore, with the strategic placement of hand sanitizer stations with AD display, advertisers can reach a larger audience.

Sanitization Stations

How to Advertise Using Hand Sanitizer Stations With Ad Display

1.   Choose Strategic Locations

Entry and exit points at the major shopping malls and other high traffic areas provide a strategic location for installing hand sanitizer station with AD display. However, make sure your target audience frequents the locations.

2.   Focus on Sending Sensitive Messages

For the advert to generate the desired outcome, you ought to customize the message. Thus, understand the target audience, and what defines their regular lifestyle, with that understanding, you can come up with the right advertisement message.

3.      Use High-Quality Visuals

When visiting the hand sanitization station, the objective is to get rid of any contaminations on the hands. Thus, people spend only seconds at handwashing station.  This means that the advertisement has to be catchy. Using high-quality audio, video, and text, you can reach your target audience effectively.

4.   Keep the Message Short and Precise

An important tip when advertising on a hand sanitizer station with AD display is making sure the advertisement message is short and to the point. Bear in mind that hand washing takes only 20 seconds. Thus, you ought to make sure that you are sending a short message, and to the point.

5.   The Advertisement Should Standout

With hand sanitizer stations becoming a focal point for advertisers, chances are that your completion will start using them soon. Therefore, you ought to design advertisements that standout. Besides, the placement location should be well thought, so that you gain high-quality customers.

Sanitization Stations

Companies are changing their Advertising Techniques! Don’t Be Left Out

The traditional advertisement methods are no longer as effective as they used to be before COVID. Today, businesses are encouraging employees to work from home. Thus, only a fraction will be commuting to work. That means that advertisements on billboards and at the subways are experiencing lower reach.
Another reason to rethink the advertising strategy is the high-cost of advertising. Essentially, businesses are trying to recover after months without generating revenue. Therefore, cheaper advertising methods that generate high ROI are becoming the next best alternative. A good example is a hand sanitizer station with an AD display.


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