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Ads on Sanitizing Displays are Replacing Traditional Billboards

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a devastating effect on various sectors of the economy. Even as some sectors start to heal, the outdoor advertisers will take longer than expected to return to the standard way of advertising. The recent lockdowns restricted people to movements only within their localities. Moreover, people are choosing to travel through private means as opposed to public subways.
As a result, the spending on OOH ads has been gone down considerably. Recent analysis shows that Ads spending has gone down 9% on average across Europe. The effects are also being felt in the United States. In that regard, marketers have been forced to seek alternative approaches to reach target customers.
We see advertisers using the advertisement methods that are more focused on advancing to the customers while they are at home. Besides, advertisers are creatively targeting the consumers using sanitizing displays, which have replaced the traditional billboards. So, how does advertising on the sanitizing displays replace the billboards? In this post, we examine how the ads on sanitizing displays are replacing the billboards.

Why Billboards are No Longer Effective

Billboards are a form of out of home advertising. Therefore, you will see billboards placed at strategic places to maximize reach. Most of the places you will most likely come across billboards include roadsides and tall buildings. For the advertisement to be effective, there has to be human traffic.
During the pandemic, we saw governments urge people to stay at home. Due to limited movements, the billboards continue to receive a minimal amount of traffic. Consequently, it becomes a difficulty for the advertisers to reach their intended use.

Sanitizing displays as a Replacement to Billboards

The health officials advise the public to keep sanitizing their hands to fight the deadly virus’s spread. Therefore, health-conscious members of the public frequent the sanitization kiosks to sanitize their hands. The traffic to sanitization kiosks has more than doubled as people continue learning the importance of regularly sanitizing their hands.

Ads on Sanitizing Displays


Therefore, we see more interaction with the sanitization stations than for the billboards and the subways ads. Therefore, marketers can leverage the sanitization stations’ potential when it comes to reaching target customers. This is by introducing ads on sanitization displays that can be used to display high-quality visual messages.
How to Achieve Success with Sanitization Displays
Here are essential tips that advertisers need to consider when coming up with ads on sanitization displays to ensure effective advertisements.
1. Understand Their Target Audience: For the advertisement message to be delivered effectively, marketers must target the locations where customers visit most.
2. Ensure Custom Advertisement Messages: As is the case with other forms of advertising, personalizing the message helps ensure maximum reach.
3. Target the Strategic Sanitization Displays: Make use of the sanitization displays located at the entry and the exit points to maximize reach.
Therefore, we have seen that the sanitization displays have become the best approach to target your consumers with the advertisement messages. At Adzze advertising, we are building capabilities to offer the sanitization display ads to our clients. If you are interested, contact us today!