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Hand Sanitizer Dispensers – the new Classifieds!

When walking into public spaces, there is always a hand sanitizer dispenser ready and waiting for each and every customer. We see them every day and subconsciously we are noticing the brand, the advertising, and the associated images. The Covid-19 pandemic has offered the perfect marketing opportunity for many companies since no public space is without a virus-killing hand sanitizer dispenser.

The idea behind it

Knowing that hand sanitizer is an essential item in 2020, and possibly for the years ahead, many people have started to personalize hand sanitizer bottles and dispensers to promote their businesses. This approach has enabled them to target an extremely huge volume of people, from young and old, as well as all income bracket households.
Personalizing sanitizer dispensers with your company brand and logo has proven to be an effective advertising tool. We are swamped with advertisements daily, and how many of them do you really notice when we scroll past social media adverts without paying attention. Newspapers are becoming mundane and flyers are being thrown away. A sanitizer dispenser is used daily by possibly thousands of people in public spaces, it is the perfect space to be seen and attack the subconscious memory of those sanitizing their hands.

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Benefits of advertising on hand sanitizer dispensers

✓ This is an affordable promotional tool.
✓  Most people will use hand sanitizer from a public dispenser when shopping or in public spaces. Whilst pumping the product onto their hands, they have the moment the advertiser needs for them to notice the brand.
✓ Higher brand recall is stimulated.
✓ Subconscious advertising is initiated.
✓ The advertising is offered a wide audience scope, because unlike billboards that are sporadic, the sanitizer dispensers are available in nearly all supermarkets, restaurants, dealerships, offices, schools, and many other public spaces.

Which companies are benefiting from this type of advertising?

Many businesses are benefiting from putting their own brands and logos on hand sanitizing dispensers. Of course, the actual hand sanitizer companies that are promoting their product are benefiting when advertising their own brand, but other companies are using the stands to advertise on. The dispenser manufacturers are smiling since their product has an increased demand and many advertising agencies are purchasing the dispensers and strategically placing them in public spaces, then selling the “space” for companies to advertise on.
Israel’s NoviSign and the UK’s One Digital Signage were the first to have started marketing hand sanitizer dispenser solutions that pair with a 21.5-inch digital signage display. They saw the opportunity and took it!

Adzze has seen the opening in the market!

Adzze is a leading provider when it comes to In-hand advertising and are fully capable of placing your brand in the hand of the consumer efficiently and cost-effectively. They have researched the different marketing strategies available and have found success with their in-hand marketing campaigns. They have also discovered the effectiveness of advertising on hand sanitizing dispensers and are currently building capabilities to offer the option.