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Creative Agencies in LA

What are Creative Agencies in LA doing?

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a considerable effect on the advertising industry. Soon after the World Health Organization declared Covid 19 a global pandemic, the governments announced total lockdowns, which meant no more travel. Besides the travel restrictions, some businesses closed down forcing people to work from home. Advertising industry experienced a major disruption, as the traditional methods of advertising could not generate the expected impressions.
Creative agencies in LA had to think of different ways to help businesses reach the stay at home population. The immediate consideration was the digital marketing methods. Thus, even the businesses that never thought digital advertising would be a thing of consideration, got into digital advertising. Today, the digital advertising space is already overcrowded. Thus, advertisers have to bid the advertising space, to be able to reach their target audience.  Moreover, the target audience, are bombarded with many adverts, and no longer give the advertisers the attention they wish to enjoy.

Introducing the In-Hand Advertising

Since the digital marketing space is becoming a major let down to the marketers, switching to in-hand advertising is the only way to gain back customers. That calls for the creative agencies in LA to think beyond digital advertising, and reach their audience through various in hand advertising.

What is In-Hand advertising

As we speak, some creative agencies in LA are already reaching customers through various in-hand advertising techniques. Those that are already deploying in-hand advertising are enjoying a number of advantages. Some of the advantages include:

Better Targeting

In-hand advertising means that you are delivering the advert to the hand of your target customer. Therefore, when it comes to deploying targeted advertising, in-hand advertising scores better compared to the traditional advertising and digital advertising methods.

Less Expensive Compared To Traditional OOH

Did you know that in-hand advertising costs 7 times less than advertising on billboards? Therefore, businesses that are using in-hand advertising to reach the target audience are saving more money from their advertising budget. At such times when the global pandemic is affecting business earnings, it is time to switch to the less expensive and effective advertising methods.

Better Brand Awareness

One of the top reasons for advertising is to gain brand awareness. The choice of advertising method has a huge implication on brand awareness. Consider that in-hand advertising means there is that contact with your business name, logo and even the slogan. Thus, it is easier for the customers to remember your brand name the next time he or she is going shopping.
There are different in-hand advertising approaches today. Here are some of the top methods as designed by the creative agencies in LA.

·         Sanitizing Stations

The Sanitizing stations are popular at the public places. Creative agencies in LA have introduced sanitization stations with display screens.  Placing an advert on the sanitization station display provides you an opportunity to reach a wider audience. This is the people walking to the sanitization station to clean their hands.

·         Coffee Sleeve Advertising

Another creative approach to target local audience is coffee sleeve advertising. The creative agencies in LA are designing branded coffee sleeves that businesses use to target local customers. The approach is not only less expensive; it is also effective when it comes to targeting customers.

·         Pizza Box Marketing

Pizza box top offers a huge potential when it comes to targeting the American households. The approach involves designing adverts that will be placed on the Pizza box top. Therefore, with every pizza delivered, your brand is becoming popular.

·         Door Hanger Marketing

Advertising on doorknobs is a concept that helps marketers reach more households. Thus, marketers can partner with creative agencies in LA for designing and printing of attractive door hangers to be used in marketing.


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