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Everything You Need to Know About Door Hanger Marketing Companies

Door hanger marketing companies continue experiencing an upsurge in the demand of their services. This is following the pandemic that has caused governments to announce lockdowns that have forced people to stay and work indoors. Therefore, advertisers who relied on the traditional advertising methods like the use of billboards are seeing the need to shift to the in-hand advertising methods in order to reach the target audience. One good example of in-hand advertising methods is door hanger marketing campaigns. So, what is door hanger marketing and how does it work? To understand why advertisers are calling the door hanger marketing companies to place their orders, here is what you need to know about the popular advertising method.

What is Door Hanger Advertising?

Door hanger advertising, often referred by marketers as the door hanger marketing campaigns refers to printing of door hangers and placing them at the doorknobs. Therefore, the door hanger marketing company will want to understand who your target audiences are, and then print the adverts that will then be deployed at the doorknobs serving the target audience. In that regard, the advertising approach is very effective when it comes to reaching the target audience.  For that reason, the door hanger marketing companies have managed to deliver the campaigns successfully.

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Why is door Hanger Advertising Good?

There are several reasons to use the door hanger marketing campaigns. Here are some of the reasons why door hanger marketing companies are experiencing the increased demand for their services.

1.      Door Hanger Advertising is Cost Effective

One of the top reasons to invest in door hanger advertising is the cost effectiveness aspect. Ideally, when investing in the door hanger marketing campaign, you spend much less, than you would spend to put up adverts on the billboards or at the subways. For a fraction of the cost, you will reach a wide audience, which means this is a great approach for advertising at a minimum budget.

2.      In-Hand Advertising

Another reason why door hanger marketing is the way to go, is that the advert is placed in the hands of the target audience. Therefore, the target audience will interact with the advertisement more than once, as advertiser will place the advert at the door hanger which is a convenient location used by the target audience conveniently.

3.      Memorable Adverts

Since the target audience interacts with the message more than onetime, it is clear that the advert is memorable. Therefore, whenever the buyer is ready to purchase, they remember the advertisement and eventually purchase. In addition, the advert creates curiosity. Therefore, the viewer will want to try the new product or service.

4.      Higher ROI

Another reason door hanger advertising is successful is that it generates a high return on investment. This is considering that the advertisement will cost less money to design and print. Besides, the reach is wider as the marketers to the doorstep of the target audience deliver the advert. Since the advert is memorable, the target audience will most likely want to try the products. In the end, more conversions means higher return on investment.


We have looked at what door hanger-marketing companies do, and why door hanger campaigns are successful. At Adzze, we help advertisers to generate effective door hanger campaigns.   For consultations and estimates, contact us today.