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Pizza Box Advertising

Pizza Box Advertising Ideas

With COVID 19 becoming a serious threat to human health, more people have chosen to work from home, and limit nonessential travel. Thus, the traditional out of home advertising methods, are no longer generating a high impression rate. It is time for advertisers to change their tactics to in-hand-advertising  methods in order to reach a high population working from home. A good approach is advertising on the Pizza boxes.
Statistics show that approximately three billion pizzas are sold in the US per year. This translates to 350 sliced of Pizza sold every second. Moreover, 41 percent of the US population eats pizza every week. Going by the statistics, are anything to go by, then advertising on pizza boxes offers business a huge potential. So, what are the advantages of choosing pizza boxes as the in-hand-advertising strategy? Keep reading to discover why you need to think of advertising on pizza boxes rather than keep using the traditional OOH advertising techniques that are having a minimum effect.

Pizza Box Advertising Ideas

Advertising Strategy With a Wide Reach

One of the top reasons to keep using Pizza Advertising is great potential when it comes to reaching a wide audience. Statistics show that more than 80% of pizza outlets in the US do delivery. Most of these deliveries are done to households. Thus, the advert will reach more than half, if not all, members of the household. Therefore, ads served on top of the pizza boxes are effective when it comes to ensuring a wide reach.

Low-Cost Advertising Strategy

Are you looking for a low-cost advertising strategy with a wide reach? Try advertising on pizza boxes. Ads served on pizza boxes reach a wide audience, while the cost involved is lower, compared to putting up billboards around neighborhoods. Further, given the wide reach, you stand to enjoy a high return on investment.

Deliver A custom Message

Through the use of Pizza boxes advertising, businesses can ensure a sensitive message is sent to the target customers. For instance, if you are a beverage company targeting university students who love pizza from a certain outlet, you can customize the message to ensure it is appealing to the target audience. This approach ensures the message resonates well with the target audience. Hence, the advert is memorable to the target audience, which helps to increase the conversion rate.

Potential To Go Viral

People love to share special moments on social media. For pizza lovers, chances are that they will post the images of the pizza they have received. As they share such special moments on live video, your brand is getting noticed. Over time, you start experiencing an increase in demand, which means higher profit margins.
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