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Emerging Trends in AR OOH Advertising

Here The Emerging Trends in AR OOH Advertising

AR OOH advertising is transforming how brands reach their target audience. Today, we see some cool advertising stuff, powered by AR. Using augmented reality, brands are able to put their ads literally anywhere, and reach the target audience effectively. As advertisers use augmented reality as part of their marketing drive, they are attracting new customers, and retaining the existing ones.
According to statistics, over 80 million consumers in the US used Augmented Reality monthly. That shows the importance of incorporating AR in your advertising. Moreover, markets expect the AR market figure to reach over $61.39 Billion USD by 2023.
To nurture leads and grow the business effectively, a business must keep with the current trends. When it comes to AR OOH, it is important that advertisers understand how the use of augmented reality shall transform their businesses.

Augmented Reality in Advertising

So, what can businesses expect when it comes to AR OOH? Here are some of the top reasons your business needs to use AR powered advertising.

1.     Builds Awareness With Smart Creative’s

One of the top trends brought about by the use of AR in advertising is the ability to build brand awareness. Generally, AR presents a whole world of possibilities when it comes to creative advertisements. Therefore, customers who interact with such advertisements remember them quit often compared to the traditional OOH advertising. Ultimately, when the customer is ready to purchase, he or she is likely to pick the brand he has seen through the AR OOH adverts.

2.     More Efficient AD tracking

One of the challenges facing traditional OOH advertising is tracking ad conversion. Therefore, it is difficult for the advertisers to come up with conclusions that can help them improve their campaigns in future.
Using AR OOH enables the brands to deliver effective Ad tracking. Therefore, the advertiser can know which ads performed extremely well, and which ones do not attract the attention of target audience. Ultimately, the advertiser is able to concentrate on improving the advertisements, and attain the desired results.

3.     Increased Ad Engagement and Interaction

Augmented reality ensures an easier and efficient approach of reaching the target audience. In that regard, the advertiser reaches a wider audience. Ultimately, more people will remember the advertisement the next time they go shopping. That means that it will result in increased sales and higher conversion rate.
Traditional OOH advertising does not enable businesses to generate a high conversion rate, compared to the potential that comes with the AR OOH. This is because the target audience might not be able to recall the brand, as the advert attention span is very low.


Traditional OOH advertising comes with several challenges. For instance, the advertiser may not be able to track the ads performance, leave alone the ability to target the audience effectively. Therefore, brands end up spending so much time and effort trying to reach the right audience. However, AR OOH enables brands to track the ads performance, and so it is much easier for the brand to tweak the advertisements, to improve performance. Moreover, a brand can focus on the advertisements that generate more engagements.