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Medical spa marketing: reach your clients with sanitizing stations

The global medical spa market size was valued at USD 12 Billion in 2018. The market size is estimated to register a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 13.8% by 2026. With the projected growth, it is obvious that more entrepreneurs will venture the business. Therefore, the existing medical spas will experience a rising competition for existing customers. Medical spas marketing executives can focus on using the sanitizing booths to reach the targeted customers. Before evaluating how the sanitization booths work, let us evaluate how the pandemic is changing the way we advertise.

How The Pandemic is Changing Ways of Advertising

The traditional advertisement methods no longer work effectively. This is particularly this time when the pandemic affects several businesses. One of the hardest hit industries is the advertising industry. Officials from the health sector are advising people to stay at home to avoid spreading the virus. As a result, the subways get very little traffic if any. The traffic on the highways is also reducing tremendously as people constrain themselves to only essential travel. Therefore the billboards advertising strategy is no longer effective.

How Does Advertizing on Sanitization Booths Work?

Hand Sanitizer Stations For Advertising
The sanitizing stations have become popular in various places. This is following the recommendations by the health experts, to have the sanitization booths at all the public places. Therefore, we see the hand washing stations located outside shopping malls, and even the places of worship. Considering that potential customers will frequent these places, they are strategic places to advertise. Therefore, medical spa marketing can be done effectively, using this approach.

Shake off your Ads!

Generally, this entails placing adverts on the sanitization booths that comes with digital screens where the adverts appear. As targeted audience use the sanitization booth, they get to interact with the message, which is an opportunity to get your brand popular. Therefore, medical spa marketing executives can come up with short and precise marketing messages that appeal to the target audience.

Medical spa marketing - sanitizing stations

The use of sanitization stations to reach the target audience has become a popular approach. However, to be effective, there is the need to re-strategize. This should include looking for the best approaches to sanitization booths that serve your target audience. For instance, if targeting adults, look for sanitization booths located at the places frequented by your target audience.
In addition, make sure that the message is appealing to your target audience. Otherwise, if the message is irrelevant, it will not be easy to remember. Therefore, talk to an expert who understands how to design relevant marketing messages.


The traditional advertising methods will no longer serve businesses effectively. Therefore, the medical spa marketing officials should focus on coming up with approaches that allow them to market effectively. Sanitization stations are one of the creative advertising approaches for medical spa marketers. At Adzze, we have built the capacity to provide medical spa advertisers the best approaches for advertising to their target audience. Talk to us today for creative and practical approaches to help you reach the target audience.