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Marketers are Exploring Pharmacy Bag Advertising in CVS stores. Learn why

Are you looking for a creative advertising concept for pharmaceuticals? Pharmacy bag advertising in CVS stores is a practical approach that is gaining popularity around the country. How does the approach work?

How Does the Concept of Advertising on Pharmacy Bags Work?

The technique involves printing of advertisements on the pharmacy bags. The pharmacy bags are used to package medication and presented to the customers. That means that the consumer interacts with the advertisement message personally. Eventually, the consumer takes the pharmacy bag home, which means that the target audience sees the advert more than once.

What Are the Advantages of Sanitizer Dispenser Ads in Pharmacies?

Pharmacy bags ad

Typically, the traditional advertising methods no longer yield the results that marketers expect. Therefore, we are seeing advertisers switching to advertisement approaches that yield better results compared to the traditional advertisement methods. As elaborated above, one such approach is the use of pharmacy bag advertising in CVS stores. Here are some of the advantages of using pharmacy bag advertising.

1.      Memorable

We have seen that the advertisement lands on the hands of the target audience. Ultimately, the pharmacy bag is taken home by the customer, who then interacts with the bag repeatedly. In that regard, the advertisement message remains in front of the customer for as long as the customer keeps the pharmacy bag. The overall advantage is that the customer remembers the advertisement whenever he or she comes across the product in question. That means that the chances of purchasing the product remains higher compared to chances of purchasing a product based on a billboard that is seen once by the roadside.

2.      Low Cost Advertising

Pharmacy bag advertising in CVS stores does not cost as much as putting up a billboard and placing it at the main highways. That means that advertisers who do not have a substantial amount set aside to cater for the billboards advertising can switch to the more affordable alternative, which is advertising on pharmacy bags.

3.      Promotes Your Brand

Pharmacy bag advertising in CVS stores is a great example of how ambient advertising helps to promote a brand. Ideally, the approach involves reaching a wide audience, who are also potential customers. In that regard, your brand remains in the mind of many customers who are your potential customers. You can reach not only your current customers, but also prospects, when they see the advertisement on the pharmacy bags.

4.      In The Hands Advertising

Another reason for use of pharmacy bag advertising in CVS stores is the potential to place the advertisement right in the hands of a potential customer. Therefore, the marketer gets the assurance that a potential buyer has received the message. Ultimately, the approach becomes one of the most effective ways of reaching your customers.


When it comes to the choice of advertising method, you ought to consider the cost, return on investment and the overall return on investment. For pharmaceuticals, ambient advertising offers one of the best approaches for reaching your customers. An example of creative ambient advertising technique available today is pharmacy bag advertising in CVS stores. Talk to Adzze advertising for the best strategies when it comes to pharmacy bag advertising.