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Here the Real Pharmacy Bag Advertising Costs

As the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic affect the marketing industry, advertisers are looking for alternative ways to reach the target audiences. One of the most effective advertising techniques is pharmacy bag advertising. The pharmacy bag advertising technique is one of the ambient advertising methods used by modern advertisers. Did you know that the cost of pharmacy bag advertising is lower, compared to cost of traditional advertising methods? Therefore, for businesses that are struggling with low income at this time of the pandemic, it makes sense if you deployed the ambient advertising methods in order to reach a wide audience, and run adverts at lower prices compared to the traditional advertising methods.

The Concept of Pharmacy Bag Advertising

One of the questions that come to your mind when you hear of pharmacy bag advertising is how the concept works. The approach is simple! The advertisers identify the high-traffic pharmacies and talk to the management with the intent of supplying branded marketing bags. The pharmacy bags come with the business brand printed on the pharmacy bag. Therefore, whenever customers purchase the drugs from the pharmacy, the pharmacists will use the pharmacy bag to package the drugs. Eventually, the message reaches the target audience as they interact with the advertisement.

Bag Advertisement

Examples of brands that can leverage the pharmacy bag advertising method include:
·         Drug manufacturers
·         Doctors and health specialists
·         Sellers of herbal health products
·         Government health department
Therefore, these potential users of the pharmacy bag advertising method should customize their adverts to add value to the potential customers. Printing a health sensitive message through the pharmacy bag advertising ensures you are reaching the right audience, attracting more sales of your products or services.

Is Pharmacy Bag Advertising costs lower?

One of the considerations when choosing the best advertising method is cost. Thus, advertisers are looking for cost effective approaches for reaching the right audience. Printing adverts on the pharmacy bags costs a fraction of how much it will cost to print a poster to use on a highway billboard. Generally, the cost of advertising using the traditional advertisement methods is lower. Here is a comparison table showing the average cost of using various traditional advertisement methods vs. using the pharmacy bag advertising method.
Costs Of Traditional Media Advertising
Pharmacy Bag Advertising Costs


·         TV Advertising            $476,000
·         Highway Billboards    $14,000
·         Digital Billboards        $15,000
·         Magazines                   $500 to $20,000


·         $1250


Thus, it is clear that pharmacy bag advertising provides greater chances for controlling the total advertising costs.
Apart from the cost, another factor you will want to consider when choosing an advertisement approach is effectiveness of the method. Pharmacy bag advertising is more effective than advertising through traditional methods. This is considering that you are targeting a high potential audience, making the advertisement method more effective.  Consider that pharmacy bag advertising provides repetitive advert exposure. In that regard, your brand recognition is higher compared to when using the traditional advertisement methods.


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