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AR Flyer Advertising

Here The Reasons Marketers Are Using AR Flyer Advertising

As a marketer, if you are looking to market your product, there are many unconventional ways to get your message across. Thanks to AR technology, you do not have to pay someone to paste your brand name all over the city. Learn how marketers run augmented reality OOH? Use a creative, out-of-the-box idea to sell your message through AR Flyer Advertising.
AR advertising strategy focuses on taking the viewer by surprise, creating a solid impression, and eventually creating massive buzz by exclusive user interaction. As per the stats by Techjury, 70% of consumers aged 16-34 years believe AR can bring benefits to their shopping trends. Marketers are inclined to use AR Flyer Advertising to sell anything from pizza to movies and even soaps seeing the potential to grab a massive audience consisting of Gen Z. So are you ready for augmented reality marketing?

Augmented Reality Marketing

AR Flyer Advertising is a way of keeping print and OOH advertising alive because it is a real shot in the arm by telling what is possible by pushing the boundaries. It shows people what they have not experienced before. Placing AR flyer advertising as one of the marketing moves will highlight you as an ace in the industry while knocking out your competitors.
Tech and E-commerce are the sectors where AR technology is penetrating fast. Around 61% of online shoppers prefer making purchases on sites that offer an AR experience, a significant reason why you should try AR OOH ads for marketing purposes.
IKEA has nailed the AR advertisement allowing brands to join the clan. Users can manipulate their surroundings using augmented reality objects and furniture from the IKEA store.

AR Flyer Advertising is Future of Marketing

Higher Brand Recall

AR can shift your brand from an option to a Preference 

There is no other thing that retains branding than an emotion got out of the experience. For a higher brand recall, businesses need to develop the content based on cognitive responses, and AR is the best suited for it.

Differentiate from Competition

Get ahead of others having AR built Set-ups and Modeling

An immersive 3D model of your product built upon AR technology can give your customer an up close and personal touch and reduce the conversion time for better results. Present functionalities of the product in a detailed manner like no other offering in the market.

Enable higher engagement and interactive ads

Create the buzz through the power of AR nerve

Product packaging can be your point of sale to produce interactive content that curates higher user engagement. Fill up the packaging with scan-able artwork as Fanta did. Users can scan the interactive elements to start creating their personalized photos to take part in content. Simply amazing!


Think innovatively to integrate AR flyer advertising throughout your sales funnel. Be it product packaging with augmented elements, OOH advertisement for the virtual world built upon the real one, or a 3D model of your product with actual size customizable functionalities. The sky’s the limit to try out your imagination and come up with the next big idea in the marketing world.