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How Do Marketers run Augmented Reality OOH

How Do Marketers Run Augmented Reality OOH?

Augmented reality integrates digital information with the physical environment.  Today, we see advertisers using AR to integrate traditional and digital advertising platforms.  The integration has been through the introduction of augmented reality OOH.
According to a 2020 AR statistics, consumer spending accounted for over 37% of global AR expenditure (Digital in the Round).  The global AR market size is expected to grow considerably in the coming years.  Therefore, businesses that wants to transform their advertising needs to adopt the new technology. In this post, we look at some of the top trends of augmented reality OOH. Keep reading to find out what you can expect when it comes to the use of AR in advertising.

Interactive Ads With Augmented Reality Flyer Marketing


1.     Businesses Will Deliver More Targeted Ads

Using augmented reality OOH will enable businesses to achieve their dream of delivering the right ads to the targeted audience. This is because AR technology helps the businesses to track Ad conversions, and match these ads to a certain advertising approach. In that regard, the business can tweak the advertisements, and match what the target audiences want or expect to see.

2.     Businesses Will Achieve Higher Ad Interactions and Engagements

Using augmented reality OOH will enable businesses to reach a wider audience. In turn, this means more engagements, and the ability to double ad interactions at a lower advertising cost. In that regard, if you are looking for the best approach of ensuring your advertisements attract higher interactions, it is time you switched to augmented reality OOH. Through AR, you have the potential to reach the mobile users through highly targeted advertisements.

3.      Increased Conversion Rate

The fact that your advertisements will reach a wider audience means that you stand a greater chance of attracting higher conversions. Moreover, it is important noting that AR in advertising enables your business to increase brand awareness. Therefore, whenever customers go out shopping, they are able to recall the brand, and in turn, convert into buyers.
Deploying augmented reality OOH  requires some level of expertise. While it is possible for your business to deploy AR successfully, it is necessary you partner with experts who will make sure you are applying the right technologies to ensure target audience embrace your new methods of advertising. Therefore, if you are planning to launch augmented reality OOH, collaborate with an expert near you, so that you will be able to deploy ads successfully.
Consider that running successful AR powered campaigns comes with a set of challenges. For instance, your target audience needs to install some apps, to be able to scan your advertisements. In other cases, they need to purchase some hardware to fully realize the potential of AR in advertising. Besides, it might still be early days of AR, and therefore not easy for the advertiser to anticipate what the future holds.
Augmented reality OOH ads present a great advantage to the advertisers. Compared to traditional OOH advertising, AR will ensure businesses attain the full potential when it comes to reaching the target audience, and attaining the sales targets.