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AR Print Advertisement

Emerging Marketing Tactics with AR Print Advertisement

AR print advertisements are getting more popular amongst marketers. Setting clear KPIs and measuring campaign ROI is often much of a discussion point and does not have a single solution.
If we talk about statistics, Seventy percent of citizens of the US are still unaware of what adenovirus (AR) is. As per statistics of Skrite’s Augmented Reality report, approximately two-thirds of Americans are unaware of augmented reality, let alone how it works. According to a survey of approximately 2,000 Americans and discovered that only 37% of those who put up with a role in the questionnaire were familiar with the notion of AR.

Marketing Advances as a Result of AR

Suppose we look at an organization that has increased its customer base by integrating AR in its marketing or AR print advertisement. Such as, Gunner Kennels is a kennel company that specializes in resilient, reliable pet containers. They use augmented reality technology to assist customers in choosing the optimum size carton for their pet. Since implementing augmented reality and 3D technology, the company has shown a 40% rise in order currency exchange rates.

Augmented Reality Packaging

From the perspective of public relations, augmented reality provides journalists with unprecedented opportunities to experience customers’ business in multiple and interactive ways that bypass traditional media-intensive training tours and desksides. AR offers the opportunity to learn about what makes a place unique is now available to journalists at meetings, organizations, enterprises, vacation spots, and other businesses without the need to plan a trip or travel.

Augmented Reality Experience

Since 2016, AR print advertisements have made their way into the print industry. It was still a prospective technology to contemplate at our last Drupa trade show, but it has now formed a decisive strategic advantage in our industry. The application of augmented reality in print advertising seems to have unlimited potential. Printing can be used in various creative ways, such as business cards, event signage, and so on. And it has a lot of advantages, among which few have been discussed below:

Augmented Reality Print Ads

1.   Higher Brand Recall

According to neuroscience, your levels of cognitive activity increase when AR Print Advertisement imperils the brain to help customers recall your brand for the long run.

2.   Differentiate from Competition

Differentiation is how a company’s product or service is distinct from what its competitors offer. AR Print Advertisement helps you provide services that differentiate you from your competitors.

3.    Higher Engagement and Creative Interactive Ads

Companies are using AR Print Advertisement to increase consumer engagement for all brands. Companies are increasingly considering using augmented reality marketing and associated services to outperform the competitors and grab customers’ attention.

Final Takeaway

AR Print Advertisement is quickly becoming a must-have if you want to keep your brand’s identity in your customers’ thoughts and make your advertising efforts more engaging. It’s past time for advertisers to recognize that they must include augmented reality into their marketing strategy to develop and compete. So, it’s high time now to realize that you must integrate AR in your marketing strategies to grow not only to compete with others!