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How to Use Interactive Ads with AR Cards

Here is How to Use Interactive Ads with AR Cards

As more and more digital platforms start supporting AR technology, there is a massive opportunity for marketers to build marketing strategies benefiting through AR cards. This piece of paper can turn into your point of sale and the first point of interaction with customers. Ultimately, AR cards can be your gateway towards achieving your marketing milestones.
AR advertisement is essential, especially for online shopping. According to IBM, In 2020, 32% of users have used AR for shopping needs. It lets the customers visualize the product and experience it in real-time before purchase. AR technology holds the ability to feature product details in a way that traditional advertising is failing.

Marketers are Using AR Print Marketing

Given the stats on Threekit, about 71% of consumers say they will be prone to buy more if an AR experience is involved. About 67% of media buyers and planners are eager to use augmented reality advertisements to set a higher customer engagement scale.
The future of augmented reality in advertising enlightened marketers to look for techniques to integrate AR throughout their sales funnel. AR business card can be an alleviated form of OOH advertising, and that is why we have the reasons you should try AR OOH Ads. As a business owner, you better gear up and watch for the latest augmented reality advertising trends and check are you ready for augmented reality marketing?

Why AR Business Card is engaging

Apart from redefining the advertisement practices of leading fashion brands, AR technology has a significant impact on industries and service provider companies. Mercedes Benz used 3D flashcards as AR cards to display the engine parts to recreate an in-depth knowledge about their high performance. Real estate is another field where Ted Prothero uses AR cards as a next-level approach towards marketing.

Create memorable experiences

Grow your conversion through AR

Brands that want to connect with their audiences on an emotional level need to recreate the feel and vibe of their product through AR technology. With the high detailing and 3D modeling, customers will remember how the outcome would be their ultimate pick.

Track how many users scanned the AR experience

Set the scale of your success through AR 

We suggest using AR cards to bridge your brand and clients and fetch run-time data about their scanned history and areas of interest.

Higher engagement and creative interactive Ads

Guaranteed engagement through AR 

Buyers are more likely to get back to the Ads, which involve their minds on an intuitive level. Captivating ads with virtual experience creates a want that lasts long.


Scale up your marketing results through AR technology, and AR cards are best to start. Brands that want to inspire the buyers today and tomorrow need to shift towards AR. Innovation utilizing AR is the only way to beat the competition in today’s market.