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Emerging Advertising Tactics with AR Marketing

Emerging Advertising Tactics with AR Marketing

The AR is a $100 million worth industry as of now. Indeed it is going to expand with every passing minute. Most marketers are well aware of AR marketing and its benefits, but somewhat they are puzzled in putting it into good use in a real-time scenario. Marketers are trying hard to find innovative ways to implement AR marketing to get maximum advantages. Some quality insights about AR marketing are important that marketers should be aware of to design their AR integrated marketing strategies. As per the Google Consumer AR Survey, Global, 2019, 66% of people say they want to use AR for help in shopping. Also, 6 out of 10 people say they want to visualize how and where a product fits in their daily life in the same survey. The beginning of the year 2020 saw the real boom of AR marketing where AR usage went up to 20% more, with conversion rates pushing up by 90% among users who engage with AR instead of those who do not.
AR marketing is not an alien technology for advertising agencies and marketing departments. It is a versatile development that has changed the way we do business. It can significantly impact the way companies target their product to audiences. Using AR in assembling and packaging is highly beneficial.
Rather than following standard paper instruction, using AR smart glasses shows textual instructions and provides spatial guidelines on how to perform the job, and helps to complete the task 25% faster than the traditionalapproach. The story doesn’t end here. The future of augmented reality in advertising is even brighter. It would be best if you also considered how marketers run augmented reality OOH campaigns successfully.
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Higher Brand Recall

Live your brand promise

Marketers are Using AR Print Marketing
Mobile AR is the promise upon which you can build your relationship with customers. Try before you buy. If implemented correctly, AR provides a memorable experience, but the process should be timely and accurate.

Differentiate from Competition

Make a bold and competitive statement

Industries and e-commerce companies may get advantages out of textual manuals and guide books by adding AR technology to them. Users can apply the instructions through augmented objects that will not only increase involvement and attention time but also your credibility as a brand.

Enable higher engagement and interactive ads

AR is the new Infotainment

AR technology provides not only incredible marketing solutions but also a way to connect with the audience entertainingly. The more they enjoy being interacted with the Ad, the more significant numbers will show on the engagement scale.


Here is around-up for all the enterprises and marketers out there. Give a chance to AR for your marketing intonation and see the results vividly in your sales, conversion, and market value.