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Subway Advertising

Will Subway Advertising Pick up after Pandemic?

Subway advertising refers to the placement of advertising displays inside the subway trains, or inside the train stations, or on subway platforms.  The effectiveness of subway advertising depends on the traffic using the subways. In that regard, when more people are traveling, the subway adverts reach more people, so long as they are willing to be distracted. On the flip side, when the traffic at the subway station is low, the ad reaches fewer people.

How the Pandemic Affected Subway Advertising

Following the pandemic, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in conjunction with the federal government, urges public members to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel. The advisory was to ensure there is minimal crowding at the subway stations. Further, usage of public transport has plummeted during the pandemic. The government recently warned of a varying Coronavirus strain, requiring the public to keep observing the travel advisory.
This is a striking turnabout for advertisers who depended mostly on subway advertising. Advertising on subways is no longer as effective as it was before the global pandemic. This is as commuters choose less crowded means of transport, while others prefer private means of travel. This is because the virus is dangerous, and majorities do not want to risk contracting the virus.

Subway Adverts Not Targeted

Adverts on the subway are mostly a broadcasting approach, and there is a minimal assurance that the advert reaches the target audience. Also, some commuters focus on getting to their destination and not keen to read the advertising displays. In that regard, reaching the targeted audience is not easy.  Besides, the advertisement message is general and may not be appealing to the current commuters. For instance, if the advertiser targets a particular age group, there is no assurance that many people commuting on a specific date will fall within the targeted age groups.
Therefore, subway advertising is no longer sufficient, and this is for superficial reasons.
    1. There is less traffic at the subways as commuters choose to stay at home or Uber.
    2. Targeting using subway advertising may be impossible and less likely.
    3. The advertising message may not be appealing to the commuters.

Leveraging on Advertising Displays at Hand Sanitization Stations

Sanitizing station
Therefore, there is the need to focus on relevant advertising methods, especially during the pandemic. A good option is advertising on the sanitization stations.

How Does Advertising on Sanitization Stations Work

Health experts advise that hand sanitization is a practical approach to stop the spread of the deadly virus. Thus the government and private sector have focused on building as many sanitization stations. Businesses can take advantage of this and place advertising displays at the hand sanitization stations. Therefore, as people walk in to sanitize their hands, the advert is gaining more audience.
To ensure effectiveness, keep the advertising message short and precise. Ensure the advert is targeting the right audiences and customize the message to gain maximum attention. For instance, if targeting college students, place advertising displays at the sanitization stations within the college. Likewise, if targeting patients, place adverts at the hand sanitization stations within the hospitals or chemists. That way, the advertiser can reach a relevant audience using the right message and at the right time.


Advertising displays set at the hand sanitization stations are a perfect example of an in-hand advertising method. The approach is more effective compared to advertising on subways. At Adzze, we offer a sensitive approach when it comes to in-hand advertising. We have built the capacity required to set effective Advertising displays within the hand sanitization station. Contact us today for a quote.