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Hand sanitizer Stand advertising vs Ads On Trucks

The ROI of Hand sanitizer Stand advertising displays

Hand sanitization is a practice that is will live with us for a long time. This is following the call by doctors to ensure that we sanitize our hands often to curb the spread of viruses that cause dangerous infections. Thus, you can expect to keep seeing the hand sanitizer stands in different public places.
The hand sanitization stands are designed to carry enough sanitizer. They are sturdy and built to ensure they suit the daily usage. Owing to the popularity of hand sanitization stands, marketers have seen an opportunity. Thus, we see brands leveraging the hand sanitizer stands and using them to display promotional messages.
Thus, one would want to know the Return on Investment when using the hand sanitizer stands as a medium for spreading the promotional messages. To have a sense on the effectiveness of the hand sanitization stands for advertising, let us look at the following benefits:

Get your Brand in the Hands of The Consumer

The hand sanitization stands offer a perfect approach for targeting consumers. This is because a high number of people who come to public places where these stands are placed will use the hand sanitizer. This means that the marketing message is delivered to each one of them as they use the hand sanitizer. As the consumers use the hand sanitizer often, the message gets deeper in the mind. Thus, when the customer sees your brand, he or she is tempted to give it a trial.


Ads on Sanitizing Displays

It’s a Cost-Effective Dynamic and Flexible Form of Advertising

The use of hand sanitizer stands for advertising is relatively cheaper compared to the traditional forms of advertising like the use of TV. Further, the reach is wider and the message is delivered effectively. This makes it a more cost-effective approach to advertising.

Guaranteed Reach

People have become accustomed to the usage of hand sanitizers. In that regard, the moment a person arrives at the entry point, the first item to look out for is the hand sanitization stand so that they can sanitize their hands. The same applies while exiting the buildings. Thus, little effort is required to get people to see the advert. This surpasses the performance of other forms of advertising like the use of billboards. Remember that it is possible to pass a billboard without even noticing it. Thus, a hand sanitizer stand guarantees the advertisers a wider reach compared to a billboard.

Get Consumers Attention

The digital display on the hand sanitizers features a spectacular format. This is perceived as something new. Therefore, you are assured that the message is delivered effectively, thanks to the attention they attract from different persons.

Key Takeaway

Overall, the hand sanitizer stands, guarantee a high return on investment, so long as the deployment method is done right. The advertisers save on the overall cost of delivering the message to the target audience. further, the approach allows effective targeting which maximizes the reach.
At Adzze we have been building capabilities to enable us offer to our customers this option. Therefore, if you are interested in getting your adverts on a hand sanitizer stand, contact us today.