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Why Is So Challenging To Identify The Right Cannabis Advertising Agency?

Cannabis advertising is still taboo around the world. Just about 24 countries in the world have a legal framework for medical marijuana, and the list excludes the US. Therefore, any cannabis advertising agency that considers the issue of marijuana as controversial is unlikely to pick clients connected to the substance.

Cannabis is considerable controversy

Unfortunately, for many companies, it seems like we are in an age where controversies are everywhere. From same-sex marriages to the #MeToo movement, companies are struggling to stay out of trouble. However, the one controversy that has been around for ages, and seems to be with us for much longer, is cannabis.
The cannabis taboo is so entrenched that, according to a Washington Post article, it is difficult for a cannabis advertising agency to market the substance where it is legal. The Post noted that online platforms like Google and Facebook “do not allow drug, or drug-related promotions on their sites, leaving a large share of marijuana advertising to blogs and podcasts, newsletters and print media.” Given that the online platforms take the lion’s share of the advertising market, cannabis advertisers lack access to a massive chunk of the audience.
Worse still, cannabis advertisers face a complex web of legislation among the states and at the federal level. So far, the District of Columbia and 11 other US have legalized recreational marijuana. On the other hand, DC and just 33 other states have legalized the substance for medicinal use. Nevertheless, the lack of uniformity in marijuana’s legal status continues to hurt advertisers.

In-Hand Advertising offers an alternative

Advertisers do not have to lose sleep over the lack of attention by publishers. Numerous alternative marketing mediums provide excellent opportunities for reaching the audience. Although the media might not reach audiences on a national level, they help to push localized ad campaigns.
In-the-hand marketing is so far the second-best option for businesses looking for a cannabis advertising agency. Notably, this marketing technique delivers ads in the hands of the target audience. Marketing tactics like using printed coasters to reach customers are unconventional, hence much more effective. Usually, people go to taverns and bars to have a good time and to catch up with friends. As such, a business is certain that the people will interact with the ad more than they would do with other advertising media.
From the preceding, advertisers can gain in two ways. First, running ad campaigns with the help of coasters is cheap. A business can spend less than $15,000 to reach more than 1,000 bars and to deliver ads to over 100,000 people. Second, the coasters drive higher brand engagement compared to traditional media. With the coasters in hand, the audience does not feel the weight of stereotype and scorn they would experience outside the bars. As such, this medium is likely to attract more business than traditional media.