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Placed based advertisement

These are the Best Practices in Placed based advertisement

Promotional advertising refers to the form of advertising where promotional merchandise or discounts are used to motivate the target audience to purchase the products. Ideally, promotional advertising is expensive and hence short-lived. Thus, the advertisers do not realize the intended benefits when using this form of advertising.
Place-based advertisement is a more effective form of advertising. The concept involves the use of advertisement methods where the customers interact with the advertisement more directly. There are different forms of in-hand advertising. Here are some of the examples.

Sanitizing Stations

Following the Declaration of Coronavirus pandemic by the World Health Organization, the Center For disease Control and Prevention announced hand sanitization as a more3 effective way to control virus from spreading.

Hand sanitization kiosks

Thus, the government called for installation of hand sanitizing stations at various public locations. The hand sanitization stations come in different forms. The most common hand sanitization stations feature a digital display, where the advertisers can place the adverts. Therefore, the advertisers can reach the target audience as they walk in to sanitize their hands.

Coffee Sleeve Advertising

Coffee Sleeves Marketing

Popular in-hand advertising is the use of coffee sleeves to display the advertisement to the target audience. Ideally, the advertisers identify the popular coffee shops and negotiate with them to display the advertisements at their coffee shops. As patrons walk in to enjoy their favorite cup, the attendants wrap the coffee cups with the branded sleeves. Therefore, the advertisement is displayed to the target audience.

Pizza Box Advertising

Pizza box_Stay Home friends

Another popular form of advertising is the use of pizza boxes to advertize. The advertiser will approach a pizzeria within the local target market, and negotiate with them for an opportunity to advertise on the pizza boxes. The advertiser then prints the pizza boxes and includes a brand logo on the branded pizza boxes. Whenever an order is made, the delivery features the branded pizza box. Therefore, the advertiser is able to reach the target audience effectively.

Door Hanger Advertising

Door Hanger Advertising costs

As the name depicts, door hangers involves advertisements that are placed on the doorknobs. Therefore, the advertiser prints brand logo and message on a high-quality paper, and distributes the door hangers within the target neighborhoods. When homeowners come back, they find the catchy door hangers and are attracted to read the message. If the message is intriguing, it sticks to the mind of the reader, and the message he remembers it the next time he goes out shopping.

Bar Coaster Advertising

Bar coaster CBD Advertisement

Advertising through bar coasters is a popular approach that involves labeled bar coasters such that the advertisement reaches the target audience. Therefore, the advertiser identifies a potential bar and supplies the printed bar coasters. The brand message is passed across effectively.
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