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Place Based Media

Examples of Place-Based Media That Work

Following the Covid 19 pandemic, some sectors of the economy stopped, while others had to change their way of operating to stay afloat. One of the worst affected sectors was advertising industry.
Before the pandemic, advertisers reached target audience through traditional place-based media. Examples include billboards advertising and subway advertising. These methods of advertising rely mostly on foot traffic, in order to convert target audience to take the desired action.
When World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a global pandemic, the government moved with speed and introduced the Covid 19 measures, which included cessation of movement.
Consequently, the advertisers switched to digital advertising, in order to target stay at home audience. Soon after, digital advertising was overcrowded. Considering that most digital advertising methods rely on bidding method, the advertisers had pay high prices. Besides, the digital adverts attracted shorter attention span, while the internet users started blocking the Ads.
Therefore, the advertising industry was in a crisis, there was need for more creative advertising methods.

In Hand Advertising

Innovative place-based media offered the advertisers the effective way to reach their target audience. Compared to the traditional advertising methods, in hand advertising concept enabled advertisers to enjoy more attention span, pay less, and even avoid the too much noise characterized by digital advertising.
Here are some of the effective in-hand advertising methods that advertisers can switch to.

1.     Sanitizing Stations

Branded Sanitizing Kiosks
Hand sanitizing stations have become popular especially at the public places. Modern hand sanitizing stations feature digital display screens, where advertisers can place adverts. These hand sanitizing stations can be moved to locations frequented by the target audience. Therefore, the target audience will get a chance to see the advert. The adverts on sanitizing stations gain extended view time. this is because the average hand sanitizing process takes about 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

2.     Coffee Sleeve Marketing

The coffee joints are now reopen to the public, so long as they observe the Covid-19 measures. Therefore, there is the likelihood the adverts will be served to as many patrons walking to the coffee shops.

Coffee Sleeve Advertising

This place-based advertising methods involves printing colorful ads on the coffee sleeves used on every cup of coffee served to the target audience. As the patrons enjoy a hot cup of coffee, they see the advertisement. Considering that the average time at the coffee shop is about 30 60 minutes, the advertisers gain greater attention span.

3.     Pizza Box Marketing

Pizza remains one of the celebrated delicacies even before the pandemic. However, pizza deliveries increased during the pandemic. Besides, some pizza lovers choose to order and enjoy their pizza at home parties or at the office.

Pizza Box Stay Home

Pizza box marketing involves printing adverts on the pizza box cover. The ads will reach the target audience upon pizza delivery. Therefore, the advertiser has to choose the pizza joints carefully to ensure the adverts will reach the target audience.

4.     Door Hanger Advertising

Door Hanger Ads
Another place-based media is use of the door hangers to reach stay at home target audience. Ideally, advertisers print high-quality adverts on the door hangers, and distribute around the residential areas. As people walk out and in, they interact with the adverts. This non-intrusive advertising method is reliable when targeting the local residents.


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