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Subway Marketing

The Reasons Why Subway Marketing Might Not Work

Subway advertising involves printing and placing advertisements at the subway stations. The method has been effective over the past few decades until the pandemic put everything to a standstill. As you may be aware already, subway advertising depends largely on advertisements’ placement at the strategically chosen subway stations. To achieve maximum impressions, the advertiser has to choose the subway stations that serve colossal traffic.
Besides, it would help if the subway station serves the targeted audience. After identifying the subway station with huge potential, the advertiser should develop a message that resonates well with the target audience. Finally, the advertisement has to be at strategic locations to attract maximum impressions.
Therefore, there is a lot of work to be done to ensure the advertisement generates the intended outcome!

The Pandemic Has Affected Subway Advertising

Unfortunately, the recent pandemic has disrupted subway advertising. Consider that the CDC and the government-issued travel advisories, urging people to stay and work from home. The advisory means there is less traffic at the subway stations.
Even as different states return to normalcy, the use of subways has plummeted significantly. People are opting to travel by private means while others chose to keep working from home. With these changes, it is clear that subway advertising might not work even after the pandemic.

The considerable cost of Subway Advertising

The Coronavirus affected businesses in a significant way. For a good number of business owners, reopening just feels like they are starting all over again. Therefore, there are limitations on how much they can spend on marketing.
For instance, the cost of putting ups static subway-entrance ads is approximately $3,000. Putting up spotlight or projection on a building will cost a business up to $4,500 and up per night. For those looking to run mobile billboard trucks, the bill runs at about $5,000 per 50-hour week.
Based on the numbers above, the cost of putting up and maintaining subway advertising per year is not something small businesses can afford. Even the large companies are looking for ways to minimize spending on advertising, hence turning to more effective but cheaper alternatives.

It is Not Easy running Targeted Subway Adverts.

Targeting and customizing the advertisement message to resonate well with the audience are some of the top tricks for effective advertising. With subway advertising, targeting the right audience and customizing the advertisement message is not always that easy. Therefore, subway marketing may not work.

Consider Advertising on Sanitization Stations

Hand Sanitizer Stations For Advertising
Advertising in unusual places is one of the most effective approaches for reaching the target audience.  For instance, if an advertiser targets the  people who are visiting certain public offices,  the sanitization stations near the entry points can be a strategic approach for advertising.  The people visiting the sanitization stations will see the advertisement and read the message. Because it is clear who the target audience is, the advertiser can customize the message.


Therefore, advertising at the sanitization stations is more effective than advertising at the subway stations. For a more effective way to advertise at the hand sanitization stations, contact Adzze. At Adzze, we have built the capacity required to run effective advertisement campaigns through an ambient advertising approach. Contact us today for more details and a quote.