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Viral Marketing Examples

The Few Viral Marketing Examples that Work!

Change has been a fundamental characteristic of the Covid-19 pandemic. The virus hit fast, sending much of the world into lockdown just months after WHO declared global pandemic. What followed was a major disruption on business operations. Businesses had to adapt to the remote work models, reorganize the supply chain, and online meeting places in order to speed up decision-making.
Businesses that never thought of adapting digital marketing, took online to advertise their goods and services. The change in marketing practices was accelerated by the reality that a pandemic can cause people to stay indoors not for just one week, but months. Weeks after the introduction of lockdown measures, the digital advertising space reigned supreme as advertisers who had no idea they would have to switch from billboards, started paying for the digital adverts.  According to a report published by CNBC, the stay at home year accelerated spending on digital advertising.

The Risk of Not Reaching Targeted Customers As Digital Marketing space is Overcrowded

When you take into account that nearly any business is advertising online, it is obvious that the digital marketing space is overcrowded. Consider that there are several advertisers within similar niche as your business, who are scrambling to reach the same audience. Delivering your message through a already overcrowded channel is never going to be easy.
On the other hand, thousands if not millions of advertisers, are competing for the same advertising space. Consequently, marketers have to bid higher amount, to get attention from the owners of the advertising space. Therefore, the cost of advertising online is skyrocketing and will soon become unbearable by startups and small businesses that are still struggling with the effects brought about by the pandemic.

Switching to Effective Viral Marketing Examples

Only advertisers who switch to the cheaper and effective advertising options will survive the post pandemic window. In hand, advertising concept provides the advertisers a quick and efficient approach to marketing their products.  Here are some of the viral marketing examples.

1.      Sanitizing Station

Sanitizer Dispenser Advertising - Viral Marketing Examples
The sanitizing stations have become a popular item at the various public places. When you walk to places of worship, the shopping malls, hospitals and subways, you will find several sanitization stations, with unlimited traffic as people walk in to sanitize their hands. Thus, the sanitization stations offer an opportunity to reach the target audience. This is through use of sanitization stations with displays that can hold adverts.

2.      Coffee Sleeve Marketing

Coffee Sleeves Marketing - Viral Marketing Examples
Restaurants and coffee shops are now open to the public, so long as they observe the health guidelines. Thus, people are coming back to their favorite joints to enjoy the hot and revitalizing cup of coffee. Advertisers can print adverts on coffee sleeves and reach the target audience effectively. What the advertiser needs to do is to Print advertisement messages on the coffee sleeves and distribute to coffee shops frequented by the target audience.

3.      Pizza box Advertising

Pizza box_Stay Home friends
Pizza box top advertising is one of the effective viral marketing examples that worked even during the pandemic.  The concept involves printing advertisement message on Pizza covers and distributing these covers to popular pizzerias within the region you want to reach. Thus, with every pizza delivered, the receiver will read your advert.

4.      Door Hanger Marketing

Door Hanger Advertising
 Advertising on door hangers is a popular viral marketing example that has worked during the pandemic. Placing branded hangers on the doorknobs, guarantees the advertiser that the message will reach the targeted audience.


The in hand advertising examples we have looked at here, cost less than you would pay to bid for advert space through the digital media. Therefore, these viral marketing examples are ideal for businesses that want to reach local customers, while paying less to advertise, while avoiding the need to compete for the advert space.
At Adzze, we have built the capacity to offer effective in-hand advertising. Reach out to us, and we will help you to switch the campaigns into conversions through viral marketing examples. Call us today!