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Indoor Advertising with Sanitizing Kiosks

Best Practices of Indoor Advertising with Sanitizing Kiosks

Following the discovery of a COVID 19 vaccine, businesses across the globe are now resuming normal operations. However, the CDC is still warning that the Coronavirus pandemic danger is still staring at us. Therefore, Coronavirus safety measures will remain important. As businesses focus on post-COVID recovery, it is time to rethink how to reach the target customers.
As they rethink their marketing strategies, it is important to remember that majority of Americans are choosing to work from home. Therefore, traditional advertising methods like billboards are not generating high impressions. Thus, in-hand advertising methods will gain more popularity. A good example of in-hand advertising is indoor advertising with sanitizing kiosks.

What is Indoor advertising with Sanitizing Kiosks?

One of the COVID 19 precautions that the CDC continues to insist is regular washing of hands, commonly referred to as sanitization. Therefore, if you walk to shopping malls, public offices, residential apartments, and other public places, you witness people using the sanitization stations.

What is Indoor advertising with Sanitizing Kiosks

For advertisers, the use of sanitizing kiosks with displays is the next big thing. However, to succeed, the right practices must be put into practice. The advertisers should focus on adopting the best practices, which include the following:

Get the Placement Right

For indoor advertising with sanitization kiosks to generate the desired output., you have to ensure the sanitization kiosks is installed at a strategic location. For instance, if you are targeting college students, focus on the advertising kiosks found next to the college or within the college compound. Otherwise, you shall not be able to attract the right audience.

Consider Customizing the Message

Delivering a custom message to your audience is the best approach for ensuring you are achieving the desired output. Therefore, take time to understand the things that your target audience enjoys doing, and craft your message in the best way to capture their attention.

Keep the Message Short and Precise

The average time spent at the hand sanitization kiosks is 20 seconds. Therefore, you need to make sure that your message is delivered within the limited time that your target audience is using the sanitization station. Make sure the message is clear, to gain maximum effectiveness.

Pay Attention to the Creative

The overriding principle for your indoor advertising with sanitizing kiosks is creativity. You cannot simply copy what others are doing and replicate. Otherwise, you will not gain the maximum effectiveness. You need to apply the most creative designs when coming up with the advertisement.

Integrate indoor advertising with sanitizing kiosks with other Ambient Advertising Methods

Ideally, indoor advertising with sanitizing kiosks has been proven to be more effective when it comes to generating a high ROI. However, integrating the advertising method with other ambient advertising techniques could improve effectiveness.


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