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How much Door Hanger Advertising costs?

Following the discovery of a Covid-19 Vaccine, businesses have begun resumption of their operations. This is after normal business operations stopped following the surge of Coronavirus infections. Therefore, business executives are now focusing on ways to regain their market. For the businesses operating in competitive environments, the marketing department has to step up their game. Otherwise, competitors will overtake your once dominated market.
Unfortunately, many businesses have limited capital, and so they cannot increase their marketing budget. This is following months of the low season, where enterprises could not manufacture any products leave alone sell the ready products. Thousands of enterprises were incurring huge losses, while others had to shut down for lack of funds. For those that are resuming business operations, raising the full marketing budget will not be easy.

Door Hanger Advertising

How to Lower the Cost of Advertising

If you are getting a fraction of the expected marketing budget, do not lose hope yet. Low-cost advertising methods can bail you out. A good example is door hanger advertising. Door hanger advertising cost is low because the method involves hanging printed cards on the doorknobs of your targeted customers. Therefore, while the targeted customer is reaching the doorknob, he interacts with your advertisement. Eventually, the advertisement method helps brands to reach the target audience in a cheap and effective approach.

Why is Door Hanger Advertising Cost-Effective?

There are various reasons that make door hanger advertising cost pocket friendly to your business. Let us explain why you should trust door hanger advertising as a cost-effective approach to reaching your customers.

●      Cheaper to Print

Compared to the cost of printing the billboards, a door hanger costs less to print. In fact, the door hangers do not need specialized printers, like is the case when printing the huge banners advertisers are using on subways.

●      No Need To Pay for Adverts Space

In most residential places, you will not have to pay to access the targeted customers. For the subways and the billboards, you have to pay so that the advert gets space. in most cases, the advertiser ends up spending half of the marketing budget paying for the adverts space.

●      Higher Returns on Investment Making Hence a worthwhile Investment

Door hanger advertising sends the message directly to the target audience. Besides, the advertiser customizes the message to achieve a top-level of impact. Therefore, the high returns on investment make it the most effective method of advertising.
Are you worried about what the door hanger advertising cost shall be to your business? With an effective plan, this is one of the low-cost advertising methods. Thus, for a business that is just recovering from the tough economic times, the door hanger advertising method is the way to go.


At Adzze, we have built the capacity to provide businesses effective post-COVID low-cost advertising methods. With our door hanger advertising method, you do not have to worry about the limited advertising budget. Talk to us today for the best door hanger advertising strategies.