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Car wrap advertising

Here The Reasons to NOT To Consider Car Wrap Ads

In this post, we tell you why car wrap advertising will not yield the anticipated results. Talk to Adzze for the best in-hand advertising techniques.
Car Wrap Advertising
Car wrap advertising is a new concept that several businesses are using, and hoping to reach a wider audience. However, the advertisement method is not effective, and experiences a wide range of shortfalls. In this post, we tell you why car wrap advertising will not yield the anticipated results. Lets jump straight in!

Incorporated Augmented Reality to Car Wrap Ads

Now you can incorporate AR (Augmented Reality) to your advertising materials adding life to your ads. 71% of consumers say they would shop more often if they used AR (Augmented Reality). AR has the unique ability to communicate details about the look and feel of a product that traditional photos just can’t match. With AR, customers are better able to make confident buying decisions, which leads to increased satisfaction and strong customer loyalty.

Why Advertising with AR - Door Hanger Advertisements

According to statistics, 40% of consumers say they would pay more for a product that they could customize in Augmented Reality. The current value of the AR market stands at $3.5 billion, and it will grow 10x by 2028. Augmented Reality advertising strategy focuses on taking the viewer by surprise, creating a solid impression, and eventually creating massive buzz by exclusive user interaction.

Ar how it works - Door Hanger Advertisements

Difficulties Targeting The Right Audience

One of the shortfalls when using vehicle wraps is that you never know which route the vehicle will take the next day. While you may try depicting the route, different factors will alter it. Consider that often, the vehicles ply a particular route, and the target audience might have changed the route. Compared to in-hand advertising, vehicle wraps is not an effective form of advertising.

Unreliable Drivers

In most cases, car wrap advertising depends on the drivers willingness to ply the particular route, besides, the drivers are in early to get to the destination, hence switch to shorter and faster routes. Therefore, the advertisement message is not delivered to the right audience. Besides, effective advertising requires perfect timing. Often, the drivers arrive to work late, and so your advert does not target effectively.

Shorter Attention Span

Road users concentrate on the destination rather than who is driving on the opposite lane. Even you drive past them, and they see the advertisement, the attention span is short.  Therefore, shorter attention span makes car wrap advertising less effective.

In Hand Advertising

The best alternative to car wrap advertising is in hand advertising. The concept involves printing high-quality advertisements and placing the advert where there is guaranteed customer interaction. The different forms of in-hand advertising include:

Sanitizing Stations

Sanitizing Stations AD VS Car wrap advertising
When the WHO declared Coronavirus a global pandemic, the CDC moved ahead and recommended hand sanitization as one of the effective ways to control the deadly virus from spreading. Therefore, the governments went ahead and enforced the use of hand sanitizing stations at all public locations. For advertisers, hand sanitizing stations with digital displays present a great opportunity for reaching the target audience.

Coffee sleeve Marketing

Coffee Cup Ad
The coffee shops are re-opening to the public, and so people can enjoy their favorite coffee at the local joints. The use of coffee sleeve to advertise is an effective way for targeting the local audience. As they enjoy a cup of coffee, they see and interact with the advertisements. This results to greater attention span, and reduced cost of advertising.

Pizza Box Marketing

Pizza box_Stay Home friends
Another best approach when it comes to advertising is printing brand logos on the pizza boxes. The advertisers identify high-traffic pizzerias within the locality, and partner with them. The next pizza deliveries will have the advertisement message on the pizza top.

Door Hanger Marketing

Door Hanger Brand Image 3_reduced
Advertising on door hangers is a popular concept when it comes to targeting the local audience. The advertisers hang the advertisement on the doorknobs. As homeowners walk into the house or out, they interact with the advertisement.

Bar Coaster Advertising

Marijuana Advertisement with Bar Coasters

The advertisers identify the local bar and restaurants, and distribute printed bar coasters. As patrons enjoy their favorite drink, they interact with the adverts. Bar coaster advertising, is an effective way of targeting the local audience.
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