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Promotional Ads

Do Promotional Ads Really Work?

Promotional ads refer to introduction of a series of activities with an aim of boosting sales. While promotional ads can be a great approach when introducing new products to the market, but the approach may not be sustainable in the long run.
This is considering that some customers will rush to purchase, because they know they will be rewarded upon every purchase they made. Thus, when the promotion comes to an end, these customers disappear. Promotional ads may include issuing coupons, announcing prie reductions, or even the “buy one get one” kind of promotion.
Therefore, marketers need to come up with a sustainable approach of promoting their stores. One such approach is in-hand advertising. The advertiser will target the audience effectively, by utilizing channels that relate to the interests of the customer. Here is an overview of some of the best in-hand advertising techniques.

Sanitization stations

Indoor Advertising with Sanitizing Stations
The sanitization stations have become a part of our daily lives. Thus, you are likely to find tens of hand sanitization stations in a single shopping mall. In that regard, the advertisers who want to reach the customers who are coming to the shopping mall can choose sanitization stations with display screens to place their advert. This provides a chance to reach the same audience multiple times. Eventually, the advertiser achieves high brand awareness.

Coffee Sleeve Advertising

Ads on Coffee Sleeves

Another example of in-hand advertising is use of coffee sleeves to reach your target audience. The coffee sleeves are popular at leading coffee joints. Thus, the advertiser will select the best coffee shops within the target area, and provide high-quality branded coffee sleeves. As customers enjoy their favorite drink, they are interacting with your brand.

Pizza box Advertising

Pizza box_Stay Home friends
When it comes to in-hand advertising, pizza boxes present a great opportunity to reach your target audience. Therefore, the advertiser selects certain pizzerias and partners with them, to help him to get the brand message across the pizza lovers within a certain locality. Whenever pizza orders are delivered to that locality, the branded pizza box tops are used. Thus, the brand name will get to households, and those in the company of the customer who ordered the pizza see the advert. Often, pizza box top advertising has the opportunity of going viral.

Door Hanger Advertising

Door Hanger vs Trucks Advertising
If you are targeting people who live within a certain locality, the best advertising approach is the use of door hangers. Thus, the door hangers are placed on the doorknobs increasing the chances of reaching several American households at a go.

Bar Coaster Advertising

Bar coaster
Bar coasters are popular at the restaurants and at the bars. To reach the patrons, the advertiser will brand the bar coasters and send the adverts to as many bars and restaurants within the targeted locality.
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