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Advertise on Placemats - Cheaper Advertising methods

Back to Indoor Dining? Advertise on Placemats!

Are you looking for the best approach to reach to customers at their most relaxed time of the day? Then advertise on Placemats! The bars and restaurants are open and we are seeing customers coming back to their favorite joints to enjoy meals and drinks. This is following the discovery of effective Coronavirus vaccines, and so people are beginning to feel more confident about dining at their favorite restaurants. For marketers who are looking for effective and inexpensive form of advertising, then advertise on placemats. What does advertise on placemats involve?

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How does Advertise on Placemats Work?

As the name suggests, Advertise on placemats refers to printing a message on the mats placed on dinner table, with the intention of promoting products or services. Therefore, the advertiser will select some of the top restaurants where the target customers frequent, and place branded mats on the restaurant tables.
As customers walk into the restaurant and wait to be served, they the branded mats will capture their attention. Even as they enjoy their meal, they will keep looking at the advert, which means the interaction is more than 15 minutes, generating a high impression. In some instances, especially where customers come into the restaurant in groups and sit on one dinner table, your brand is likely to feature in the discussion.

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Therefore, if you advertise on placemats, you are generating high brand awareness among the customers walking to the entertainment joint. If the advertiser applies proper targeting, then advertisement on placemats will generate high conversions.

Why Advertise on Placemats?

Here are some top reasons we believe you need to advertise on placemats.

1.      It is cheaper Advertising Method Compared to Traditional Advertising

The cost you incur to advertise on 30,000 placemats is a fraction of how much you could pay to put up a single billboard. Therefore, advertisers who are after the cheaper advertising methods should try to advertise on placemats rather than advertise on billboards.

2.      Generates a Higher Return on Investment

Another top reason to advertise on placemats is the potential to generate higher returns on investment. We have seen that to advertise on placemats, you incur a lower cost compared to the traditional methods of advertising. Moreover, advertisement on placemats generates a higher number of impressions compared to advertising on billboards. Consequently, there is the chance to achieve a higher return from the investment, so long as the advertiser ensures effective targeting.

3.      Advertisers Gain Customer Attention If they Advertise on Placemats

Advertising on placemats could mean greater customer attention, because you are reaching to the customers when they want to relax. Thus, the message sinks into their mind, and they are more likely to remember the advert the next time they come across your product or need services you are offering.

4.      Creative and Unusual Advertising Approach

Finally, advertise on placemats is often unusual method of reaching your customers. The patrons walking into a restaurant do not expect to see your advertisement on their dinner table! When the customers see the advert, they are curious to know what it is about. Ultimately, you have delivered the message to the target audience.


At Adzze, we have built the capacity to produce ads on placemats. Thus, if you are planning to advertise on placemats, contact us for a free estimation and no obligation consultation. We will advise you on the best practices using in-hand advertising like placemats at the restaurants.