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Promotional Ads

Why Promotional Ads Don’t Work – Here Is The Best Alternative

Promotional ads refer to a tool used to attract interest in a product or a service through offering additional incentives so that the target audience converts. The incentives include coupons, temporary price reductions, promotional giveaways and so much more. While this might sound interesting, promotional advertising may not work over long term. This is considering that the target audiences are only attracted to making the purchase because there is an incentive. When there is no incentive, the target audience may not purchase.
The more effective form of advertising is in-hand advertising. Ideally, the advertiser focuses on the use of advertisement methods that target the audience directly. In most cases, the target audience interacts with the message as it is delivered to the hands. Therefore, in hand advertising is more effective compared to promotional advertising.
In-hand advertising takes different forms. The different forms include:

Sanitizing Stations

Promotional Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitization is not a new concept. However, the practice gained popularity after the World Health Organization declared Coronavirus a global pandemic. Since then, the government introduced different measures aiming at encouraging the public to sanitize their hands on a regular basis. One of the measures includes the installation of hand sanitization stations at different locations. Majority of the hand sanitization stations are open to the public, and so anyone can walk in to sanitize the hands.

Coffee Sleeve Marketing

Advertising Coffee Cups - Coffee Sleeve Vaccine
Another alternative to promotional advertising is coffee sleeve advertising. The approach involves printing brand logo and message on the coffee sleeves, and distributing the coffee sleeves to the popular coffee shops. Therefore, the advertisers will research the market to make sure they are targeting the right audience through coffee sleeve marketing.

Pizza Box Marketing

Pizza Box Advertising
When it comes to pizza box marketing, the advertisers will look for the popular pizzerias within the area, and partner with them. The advertisers then print brand message and the logo on the pizza box, and distribute to the different pizzerias within the city. Whenever an order is delivered in store or to the customers location, the pizza comes in the branded pizza box. Eventually, the advertisement message will reach the target audience.

Bar coaster Advertising

Bar coaster vs Promotional Ads
Advertising using bar coasters involves printing brand message on the bar coaster. The bar coasters are distributed to the best performing bars, and the advertisement message is delivered effectively. Therefore, bar coaster advertising becomes an effective form of targeting the right audience.


When it comes to in-hand advertising, it helps if you choose the right method too reach the target audience. For effective in-hand advertising campaigns, talk to Adzze. We present a wide range of advertisement methods aimed at reaching the target audience. Call us today!