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Subway OOH Advertising

Subway OOH Advertising is Less Effective Now Than Pre-pandemic

COVID-19 has brought about various changes within the advertising industry. While subway OOH advertising was once a promising medium for advertisers, the approach no longer generates a high number of impressions. Therefore, advertising companies are turning away from such traditional advertising methods, in favor of more sensitive approaches for delivering advertisements.

Why is the Subway OOH advertising no longer effective?

Following the global pandemic, officials from the department of health are sensitizing citizens to embrace stay at home and work from home approaches. The government has warned against mass gatherings, which often characterize the subways. Bear in mind that Subway OOH advertising depends on human traffic often using the subways to reach a maximum number of impressions. Therefore, following the calls to embrace minimal travel, chances are that people no longer prefer the mode of transport. Therefore, the advertisements no longer reach the high number of people as was the case before the Coronavirus pandemic.
Besides, at the start of the pandemic, we saw over 80 percent of the subways ridership disappear. Left with just a few audiences if any, advertisers are turning their attention away from the tried and tested advertising medium, opting for alternative approaches.
The idea is to reach more audience and attain broad brand awareness. Therefore, for the first time in decades, we are seeing the advertisers pulling off from the subway OOH advertising.

The Need to Address More Sensitive Advertising Methods

As people continue working from home and choosing to travel less, there is the need to ensure the use of more sensitive advertising methods to reach the target audience. For instance, embracing the in-hand-advertising methods will help to attract more audience. So, how does the in-hand-advertising method work?
As the name suggests, the in-hand-advertising method depends on placing the advert in the hand of the consumer. It involves the use of items that target audience interacts with on a daily basis, to reach the consumer. For instance, with the outbreak of Coronavirus, the use of sanitizers has become more common. Therefore, we are seeing consumers carrying sanitizers around, just to make sure they clean their hands in case of exposure to the deadly viruses. On the other hand, governments and other institutions embrace the placement of sanitizing displays at different locations.

Sanitizing Display

Advertisers can use the sanitization displays to reach their target audience. As people reach the sanitization booths to sanitize, they interact with the adverts, and so the message reaches the consumers effectively.
In that regard, rather than sticking to the use of the traditional advertising methods, which no longer work, advertisers can place adverts on the items that the consumers interact with on a regular basis.
At Adzze, we are building capacity to offer the different in-the-hand advertising approaches. Therefore, if you are looking to reach your target audience through much more effective advertising methods, you can try the use of sanitizing displays. Contact us today for a professional approach of reaching your target audience.