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Pizza Box Tops Advertising: An Effective Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Sales

Innovations in the advertising industry have brought about the development of fantastic means of advertising, which offers business owners a more seamless yet efficient option to reach their target customers. Looking at the opportunity presented in pizza box tops, marketers can increase brand awareness and subsequently generate more revenue from pizza box tops advertising.
For instance, Casey’s pizza box tops reward system offers loyal customers a chance to redeem 10 cardboard box tops (though Casey’s box top reward program goes digital by after June 30, according to the company) for one full-size pizza. This means that customers are going to be keeping these box tops inside their homes until they can put together 10 whole box tops! In case you are yet to realize the potential here, what we see is a highly-effective, or targeted (if you like) advertising strategy. Imagine your ads are boldly printed on pizza box tops, and delivered by a highly-patronized pizza delivery store like Cassey general store, you literally would be reaching a very high number of Americans with your ads on a daily basis.

Pizza Box Advertise

On any given day, about 13 percent of Americans eat pizza; that’s millions of people. Pizzerias all over the united states are busy churning out orders and making deliveries to homes and offices. The coverage is just vast. For any business looking to upscale brand awareness and convert more customers, leveraging advertising opportunities offered by Casey`s pizza box tops, for example, is a smart way to achieve your goals. You could add more juice to it by including a special promo and discount for customers.
What’s more, advertising on pizza box tops is not only effective, but it’s less expensive and more budget-friendly. You’d agree that most major advertising channels today are expensive and might break your purse to afford. Marketers and advertisers, therefore, are constantly on the lookout for effective and affordable advertising ideas such as this.
The fun part of it all is that your advertising efforts are more targeted; the ads are delivered directly into the hands of the target audience; and they can’t miss it. It is not invasive like screen pop-ups and unsolicited emails, texts and calls. So, potential clients look at the ads at their own time – most times, when they are relaxed. In fact, you can be assured of generating increased impressions and engagements with your ads as these pizza box tops are kept in the kitchen, in the fridge, around the house, for several days.
Placing your ads on Casey’s pizza box tops will mean that customers would most likely stack up a lot of pizza toppers in their homes. Consider the vast number of pizzerias around you and their penetration. All that needs to be done on your part is creating irresistible ads with a compelling call to action (CTA). At Adzze, we have an industry-wide understanding of how to help you reach more clients by placing your ads on pizza box tops. Click here to find out more or speak with us.