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Vehicle Advertising Ads

Here the Reasons Why Vehicle Advertising Ads are Obsolete

Vehicle advertising ads refers to the marketing technique where the marketers advertise on vehicles. Vehicle advertising employs different techniques. Whichever the technique, vehicle-advertising ads involve the vehicle in some fashion or another. The intention is for the passengers of the road users to see the advertisement. While vehicle-advertising ads have been around for years now, the approach no longer works effectively. Why do vehicle advertising ads no longer yield results?

·        Vehicle Ads Do not Generate Maximum Reach

One of the top reasons why vehicle-advertising ads no longer work has to do with the effects of Coronavirus. Today, the vehicle ads do not receive a high audience, as it was the case before the pandemic. Consider that the CDC in collaboration with the national government continues to encourage people to stay at home and even work from home. The objective is to stop unnecessary movements, which expose them to the deadly virus. Therefore, the number of people travelling on a daily basis has dropped significantly compared to the case before the pandemic. In that regard, it is clear that vehicle advertisement ads generate a lower audience, which means the return on investment is low.

·        Not cost Effective

Vehicle advertising ads are no longer cost effective, compared to the ambient advertising methods. Ideally, the cost of printing advertisements on the vehicle is higher than the cost of deploying an ambient advertisement. Therefore, at such times when marketing managers are looking for cost effective advertising methods, it does not make sense hanging on to the vehicle advertising ads, while the ambient advertising methods are cost effective.

·        Generates a Lower Return On Investment

When choosing the advertisement method, advertisers want to consider the advertisement method that generates a higher return on the initial investment. Unfortunately, vehicle-advertising ads is not such method. therefore, it makes sense for the advertisers to stay away from the advertisement methods that generate a lower return on investment. Ambient advertising is a cost effective advertising method. in addition, ambient advertising has a huge effect when it comes to converting target audience into spending customers. Overall, the ambient advertising approach generates a high return on investment.
We have seen that vehicle advertising ads costs more while the return on investment is low. On the other side, ambient advertising costs less while the return on investment is high. Therefore, it is clear that ambient advertising is the best alternative. Let us look at examples of ambient advertising.

·         Advertising on Sanitizing Stations

Sanitization Stations
At this time of the Coronavirus, the CDC is calling on people to sanitize their hands on a regular basis. Advertisers have an opportunity to place ads at the hand sanitization booths or on the sanitizers. As people use the hand sanitization booths or the sanitizers, they interact with the advertisement.

·         Pharmacy Bag Advertising

Pharmacy Bag Advertising Ideas
Another creative ambient advertising is printing adverts on the pharmacy bags. The pharmacists use the pharmacy bags  to package the medication and sent to patients, who interact with the message while opening the package.

·         Pizza Box Top Advertising

Pizza Box Marketing
Advertisers print adverts on the pizza box tops and distribute to selected pizzerias. The boxes are used when packaging the pizzeria and the advert message is delivered effectively.


We have looked at just three examples of ambient advertising techniques. However, there are hundreds of creative ideas to reach your target audience through ambient advertising. At Adzze, we have built capacity required to reach the target audience effectively. Contact us today, for a free estimate when it comes to ambient advertising.