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The Best Practices of Creative Agencies in NYC

Here some of the Best Practices of Creative Agencies in NYC

The Covid-19 pandemic came with so many challenges to the business sector. One of the hardest hit business operations is the advertising sector. We have seen marketers having to change from the traditional advertising to digital marketing. The reason behind this change has been that the traditional methods of advertising experienced a huge decline in number of impressions. Thus, marketers had to look for alternative advertising channels to reach the target audience and keep their brands relevant.
According to statistics, digital marketing experienced a boom in the year 2020 following the pandemic. However, marketers are beginning to realize that digital marketing is not as effective as they hopes it could be.   Creative agencies in NYC have been working on providing the advertisers the best in-hand advertising, as an alternative to digital advertising.
In this post, we look at what in-hand advertising refers to, we will explain the different in-hand advertising approaches and finally discuss the advantages of using in-hand advertising to reach your target audience.

What is In-hand Advertising?

Just like the name depicts, in-hand advertising refers to an advertising method where the advert is delivered to the hands of the target audience. Thus, in hand advertising allows you to get the business name, your logo and the business slogan direct to the target households, and at a lower cost compared to the traditional OOH advertising approaches.

What is In-Hand advertising

The creative agencies in NYC have worked hard to deliver creative in-hand advertising methods. Therefore, brands can utilize these advertising methods to reach the target audience without spending a huge budget and ensuring the message reaches the target audience. Here are the common creative methods of reaching your target audience through in-hand advertising.

1.      Sanitizing stations

Sanitization Stations - Creative Agencies in NYC

The global pandemic created an avenue for popularizing hand sanitization. On the other hand, creative agencies in NYC have provided creatively designed sanitization stations. The sanitization stations with AD displays make it easier for brands to target consumers through adverts on sanitization stations.

2.      Coffee Sleeve Advertising

Advertising on Coffee Sleeves - Creative Agencies in NYC

Restaurants have reopened their doors to customers around the NYC region. Thus, traffic to the coffee shops is increasing by day, which creates a great opportunity to gain brand awareness. Coffee sleeves bearing brand name and logo, are distributed to the famous coffee shops. As coffee lovers enjoy their favorite cup, they are interacting with your brand, and even discussing it. This creates a great opportunity for achieving brand awareness within the target region.

3.      Pizza Box Marketing

Pizza Box Stay Home - Creative Agencies in NYC

With pizza box marketing, the pizza tops are branded and as pizza is delivered to the customers, they see the brand name. in fact, this is one of the creative advertising methods that enabled brands to go viral. To enjoy great advantages through this advertising method, marketers partner with the leading pizzerias.

4.      Door Hanger Marketing

Door Hanger Ads

One of the best approaches for targeting stay at home audience is the door hanger advertising method. The door hangers are placed at the door knobs of target audience. Thus, as they walk into the home or step out, there are great chances of taking time to read the advert.
In-hand advertising is a great approach when it comes to targeted advertising. Through these approaches, creative agencies in NYC will come up with the best approaches to deliver targeted adverts.  In addition, in-hand advertising costs 7% less compared to the traditional OOH advertising. Lastly, through in-hand advertising businesses can achieve greater brand awareness compared to when they are using traditional methods.


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