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Coaster Printing

Do you want A Thriving Business? Focus On Coasters Printing!

The Coronavirus pandemic caused businesses to close down for more than a year. Following the discovery of effective vaccines, the economy is starting to get back to normal. Therefore, as businesses reopen, the focus now is on how to get back the customers to their shops. In that regard, business owners are trying the advertising methods that will help them to reach a wide audience.
Unfortunately, the traditional advertising methods may no longer be effective. This is in respect to the use of billboards and advertising at the subways, as people opt to stay at home, avoid public gatherings, and even reduce travel to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Therefore, it helps if business owners focused on ambient advertising methods in order to target the customers through at-hand advertising. A good example of ambient advertising method is Coaster printing.  What is coaster printing and how does the method work?

Definition of Coaster Printing and Overview of How Coaster Advertising Works

Coaster printing refers to printing of the business logo and the advertisement message on bar/restaurant coasters. Therefore, the approach works best for the advertisers who are targeting customers who frequent the entertainment joints. As the customers use the bar coasters, they interact with the advertisers logo and advert message directly. Therefore, coaster advertising helps to deliver the message firsthand, and the exposure occurs repeatedly.

coaster advertising

What Are The Advantages Of Coaster Advertising?

1.      Provides Extended Advert Exposure

The average customer spends about an hour at the restaurant or at the bar. Throughout the period, there are high chances that the coaster will be right in front of them and thus providing a direct Ad exposure. Remember that the customer is relaxed and enjoying the drink. Therefore, this is the right time for the advertiser to show the message. Thus, if deployed effectively, the advertisement method is more effective compared to use of billboards, which seem distractive.

2.      Wow Factor

Creatively designed coaster adverts produce the wow factor that goes towards making a lasting first impression. Therefore colorful and attractive coaster printing will attract your target audience, with the message delivery more effective since the audience interacts with the advert repeatedly.

3.      Cheaper and More Effective

Coaster printing does not cost as much as printing posters to be used at the busy subways or renting space to put up the costly billboards on busy highways. Ideally, at a fraction of the cost used to print a billboard poster, you can advertise at more than one location using the coaster printing approach. Therefore, advertisers should factor the advertising methods that reach a larger audience.

4.      Generates Higher Return On investment

We have seen that through coaster advertising, you are spending less to reach a wider audience. Moreover, you are targeting a wide audience while who at the same time see your message and brand logo repeatedly, and while at a relaxed mood. Therefore, the return on investment is higher compared to billboards where you are targeting people who are busy on highway, and often at pressure of getting to the destination.


Do you want a thriving business? The best way to build a thriving business is finding an effective approach of reaching your audience. Coaster Advertising is the way to go. Come to Adzze for coaster printing and effective placements. At Adzze, we have built capacity required to deliver effective coaster advertising.