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Ads on Coffee Sleeves

Best practices For Coffee Sleeves Advertising Agencies

Following the global pandemic, advertising agencies resulted to different targeting approaches.  Since majorities of target audience worked from home, digital advertising was the immediate option for hundreds of the advertisers. Within a short time, the digital advertising space was overcrowded, the advertising space became expensive, while the attention span was short.  In hand advertising approaches were the only option to ensure a better targeting approach. Thus, coffee sleeve advertising agencies introduced a wide range of optional advertising methods.
In this post, we look at the different in-hand advertising approaches and look at the benefits of using these offline advertising techniques. Therefore, if you are looking for the best way to reach the target audience, here are different in-hand advertising techniques for your consideration.

Sanitizing Stations

Hand Sanitizer Stands for Advertising

The Center for Disease Control and prevention recommends hand sanitization as the best approach to control spread of Coronavirus. Therefore, the government in partnership with the private sector has installed hand sanitization stations at various public places, reachable to as many people.  The hand sanitizing stations offer the advertisers a good chance for reaching the target audience. By placing ads on the digital display screens, the advertisers reach the target audience effectively and in a more cost effective approach.

Coffee Sleeve Marketing

Coffee Sleeves Advertising Agencies
Coffee shop owners use the coffee sleeves to protect the customer’s hands from hot cup of coffee. The coffee sleeves can be put into creative use, involving printing of advertisement messages. The coffee lovers see the advertisement messages as they enjoy their favorite cup of hot coffee. Coffee sleeve advertising is effective when it comes to brand awareness, while it is a cost effective advertising method.

Pizza Box Advertising

Pizza Box Advertisements
Pizza deliveries skyrocketed during the pandemic, as the pizza lovers would not be able to walk to the pizzerias to enjoy their favorite pizza. The advertisers saw an opportunity to reach the stay at home audience, through creative pizza box advertising. The technique involved printing logos and brand messages on the pizza tops. With every new pizza delivery, the advertisement reaches a new set of audience.

Door Hanger Marketing

door hanger marketing compan
Another effective advertising method involves printing high-quality ads on the door hangers. These door hangers are then sent to the homesteads and hanged on the doors. The homeowners interact with the advertisement whenever they walk in or when leaving the house.
In hand advertising offers a unique set of advantages to the advertisers. Here is an overview of some of the benefits of advertising through these approaches.

Targeted Advertising

Reaching the high-quality audience is one of the measures when identifying the best advertising method. coffee sleeve advertising agencies pick the right coffee shops and customize the message to ensure effective targeting.

Less Expensive

Printing brand log and message on coffee sleeves costs 7 times less than advertising through the traditional OOH approaches. Therefore, if you are looking for a cost effective approach to reach the target audience, use in-hand advertising.

High Brand Lift

Coffee sleeve advertising agencies ensure high quality adverts with a great potential for reaching the right audience. This helps to increase brand awareness.


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