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Place Ads on Shopping Carts

Back to the Supermarkets? Place Ads on Shopping Carts!

Do you know that placing ads on shopping cart is one of the most effective in-hand advertising strategies? As the government rolls out the second dose of Coronavirus vaccine, people are more confident about going back to supermarkets for their shopping. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for advertisers to target potential buyers through ads on shopping cart. What does ads on shopping cart and how does the approach work?

What is Ads on Shopping Cart?

As the phrase suggests, this refers to the printing of advertisements on the shopping carts. The shopping carts are common at supermarkets, and so a high percentage of shoppers walking into the supermarkets will definitely interact with the shopping carts. Therefore, if you are looking for the best approach to reach your local customers, it is time you switch to placing the ads on shopping cart.

Shopping cart Advertising

What are the Advantages of Placing Ads on Shopping Cart?

1.      An Effective In-Hand Advertising approach

When it comes to targeted advertising, no other strategy is as effective as placing ads on the hands of the potential customer. The aspect of placing ads on shopping cart is a great example of how to target the customers. Consider that through ads on shopping cart, you are talking to a customer who is actively looking for products to spend his money on. Therefore, if you are after an advertising method that generates more conversions, you would better go for the ads on shopping cart as an effective approach of reaching your clients.

2.      An inexpensive approach of Reaching your audience

One of the areas financial managers are concerned about is the amount spent on advertising. Thus, marketing managers often find themselves in difficult situations trying to justify why more advertising budget is required. Thus, it makes sense for the marketers to switch to inexpensive and more effective advertising methods. a great example of how to spend your advertising budget effectively and show great results is reaching to your target audience through locations that matter. In that case, ads on shopping cart become the best advertising strategy for your business.

3.      Unusual and Creative Advertising Approach

Customers are tired of the usual advertisement methods and they will appreciate an awe-inspiring experience such as advertising on shopping carts. Ads on shopping cart are unique and excite the customers to some extent, so long as the advertiser applies some creativity when coming up with the ads. Moreover, consider that the target audience will be looking at the advert repeatedly, and becomes excited about trying out the product.

4.      Targets Customers Who Are Ready to Purchase

If you look at the aspect of advertising through billboards, you will realize that a greater percentage of people coming across the billboard do not have plans to do shopping on that particular instance, leave alone the day.  However, an ad on shopping cart is targeting a customer who just walked in to the market place, and wants to spend the money. Therefore, it is clear that ads on shopping cart have greater potential of increasing your sales.


What are you waiting for? It is time to switch to ads on shopping carts. At Adzze, we have built the capacity to provide our customers the best ads on shopping carts. We partner with businesses looking to develop better advertising strategies, and through our experience, help them to generate more sales. Talk to us today, let us develop your ads on shopping carts advertising strategy.