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Advertising Restaurants

Advertising Restaurants: Creative Way to Target the Audience

Eating out is more than just a trend in the US, and probably worldwide, but a culture. Indeed, the US Census Bureau noted in 2019 that many more Americans ate out than ever before. Interestingly, restaurant sales inched 4% up compared to a 3.6% growth of grocery sales in the same period. As such, many advertisers are turning to advertising restaurants to popularize their brands.

How do advertising restaurants work?

On average, Americans visit their favorite eat out spots 5.9 times in just a week. Further, dinners spend between thirty minutes and one-and-a-half hours in the restaurant. For advertisers, this is an opportunity to leverage tabletops (otherwise called placemats) to sell their brands.
The use of placemat advertising entails printing an ad and your brand’s logo on the placemat and delivering them to target restaurants. Therefore, the customers in the restaurant will spend all their time staring at the message on the placemat. This is an unconventional way of reaching an audience in a manner that they cannot ignore.

Placemats Ads 

Using placemats to advertise enables marketers to achieve certain goals that traditional media can only dream of. Firstly, placemats enable targeting of the exact audience that you need to reach. For instance, say you want to advertise to you adults ranging from age 18 to 24. Here, all you need to do is to select a restaurant that is next to a college. Interestingly, college students seldom cook but they spend their pocket money on food from restaurants. Therefore, restaurant advertising is ideal for a business looking to reach this demographic.
Secondly, advertising restaurants generate high conversion rates compared to traditional advertising mediums. As noted earlier, restaurant customers spend up to one-and-a-half hours eating out per visit. Notably, the customers have all this time to engage with the brand that appears on the placemat. Indeed, this high level of exposure is more likely to convince the customers to reach out to the business.
Advertising restaurants through innovative mediums such as placemats, table tents, and other in-restaurant advertising options can generate high conversion rates when compared to traditional advertising methods. By targeting consumers during their dining experience, restaurant advertising can effectively capture their attention and drive sales, leading to increased revenue and brand awareness. By utilizing unique and creative advertising solutions, restaurants can stand out in a competitive market and engage with their target audience in a more personalized and memorable way.
Ultimately, advertising in restaurants leverages the ambient atmosphere in the establishments. Oftentimes, people are at peace when eating and they seldom browse through their smartphones, except taking snaps of their dishes. Actually, customers that take snaps of their food, including the placemat, and post the pictures online increase the brand’s visibility. Suddenly, your brand will gain exposure to the millions of social media users who will view the pictures.