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Ads on Prescription Bags

Ads on Prescription Bags: Effective Tool to Target Healthcare Consumers

This article discuss how Ads on Prescription Bags can be a good fit to healthcare organizations.

Every year, the healthcare industry pours billions of dollars into advertising and marketing making it one of the top 10 biggest ad spenders in the U.S (1)
However, advertising for healthcare is a very serious industry with strict regulations Healthcare professionals’ everyday language is almost foreign to the rest of the population, and on top of that, their communication efforts are subject to heavy compliance regulations. How can we approach this industry without losing touch with human emotions and keeping up with strict regulations?
Ads on Prescription Bags: How does it work?
Ads on Prescription Bags can be smart tactics to reach consumers with their mind in healthcare. The advertisement is printed on pharmacy prescription bags and distributed to the stores the advertiser selected. The consumer literally touches the ad and eventually bring it to their home. This can create additional exposure to other viewers since sometimes the consumers place the bags on their table at home. Ads on Prescription Bags s is part of the In-the-Hand Advertising framework. This concept relies on placing ads on consumables that the target audience cannot ignore as they have to take them in their hands. Such consumables can be: drink coasterspizza boxescoffee cupsshopping bagshotel key cardsdoor hangers. This concept is also referred as Ambient Marketing.
Advertising on Pharmacy Bags

Advertising on prescription bags is ideal to reach healthcare consumers

Ads on Prescription Bags delivers high impact
The prescription bags are handled by healthcare professionals from reputable pharmacy chains providing an exceptional exposure to the advertiser. The target audience immediately connects with your message as they are with their mind in their health while picking up their prescription. This provides an enhanced assimilation of your message.
Each unique bag provides on average 15 min of exposure and extended views when the patient takes the bag home. Each pharmacy distributes on average 5,000 prescriptions bags/month, this generates an estimated 1.5M of impressions. The audience is typically in a relaxing environment inside the pharmacy store changing for positive their perception of the message. In addition, the prescription bags are handled by respected healthcare professionals providing an exceptional exposure and positive impact on the Brand.
Ads on Prescription Bags is cost effective
For purpose of comparison, consider the costs of a traditional OOH as benchmark, e.g. Billboards. The costs of billboards depends on format, circulation and demographics. Traditional billboards can cost between $14,000 and 20,000/month in larger markets reaching on average 80-100,000 drivers per month.
For the same cost, the advertiser can place its message on 130,000 pharmacy bags in 27 different pharmacies during the same timeframe.


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