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Pizza box advertising as CBD ads

Pizza box advertising as CBD ads

The global CBD market is expected to rise at a considerably higher rate compared to other markets. Therefore, the key industry players are strategizing on how to grow their industry dominance. Further, we are seeing an increased number of new entrants. To that end, there is a need to reinvent the advertising methods. Unfortunately, the cannabis industry experiences strict regulations that affect how and when the cannabis companies can show CBD Ads. This document analyzes the challenges that CBD companies face when it comes to serving CBD Ads.

●    Restricted Adverts of Cannabis Through Social Media Platforms

A top challenge faced by the cannabis companies while serving the CBD ads is that not all social media platforms allow the displaying of CBD Ads. Besides, even those that would enable CBD Ads may restrict the adverts’ design and the visibility of CBD Ads. Consequently, the advertisers cannot reach the target audience, who may be in a different state, where the CBD Ads are restricted.

●    CBD Distribution Constraints

Another serious threat when it comes to CBD Ads is the ability to deliver the CBD products to customers who have ordered. While the customers who interact with the CBD ads may place orders, the CBD companies may not be allowed to use the United States Postal Office to deliver the CBD products. Therefore, the CBD ads may be criticized since the customer who bought after interacting with the advert could not receive the products.

●    Need to Meet Strict Restrictions

CBD companies are expected to meet strict guidelines when designing and displaying CBD Ads. Therefore, the adverts are subjected to multiple testing to ensure they meet the restrictions. Moreover, the advertisers targeting online shoppers may not get their CBD Ads shown to the target audience due to the strict regulations. This worsens the situation further.

●    The Need to Engage Verified Cannabis Marketing Agencies

Cannabis companies hoping to advertise their products have to work with verified cannabis marketing agencies. Unfortunately, they end up paying expensively to have compliant CBD Ads that may not guarantee a high Return On Investment.
Therefore, we have seen some of the top challenges that CBD manufacturers face when designing and serving advertisements. A straightforward approach to overcoming these challenges is by applying ambient advertising techniques. The ambient advertising techniques focus on displaying adverts where the target audience least expects. Thus, the surprise effect ensures that the target audience will process the message. Based on the approach, the ambient advertising method helps to reach the target audience effectively.

Serving CBD Ads on Pizza Boxes

Pizza Ad
An excellent example of Ambient Advertising is Printing Adverts on Pizza Boxes. Therefore, as the target customer opens the pizza box, they interact with the advertisement, guaranteeing that the message is delivered effectively and to the right audience.
Advertising on the pizza boxes is not only cheap but also practical. At Adzze, we design ambient advertising techniques that ensure the effective delivery of advertisements. Therefore, contact us for different ambient advertising techniques for CBD companies. Thus, rather than using conventional advertising methods, we can help you reach the target customers or prospects while at home.