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How to Measure OOH Advertising Effectiveness

How to Measure OOH Advertising Effectiveness

Do you know that measuring advertising effectiveness can help you in making strategic decisions? Advertising effectiveness is an important measure that helps your business to determine the best approach for reaching your target audience. Therefore, measuring advertising effectiveness informs you whether the campaigns meet the expectations of your consumers, or not. If the advertising approach is effective, you can allocate more budget to maximize the benefits. On the other hand, if the advertisement is not effective, you can limit resource allocation, and focus on the more effective options. In this post, we are looking at different measures to determine advertising effectiveness. Thus, if you are looking to start measuring advertising effectiveness, these options can help you in a big way.

1.      Measuring billboard Impressions

One of the measures an advertiser will want to look at is billboard impressions. Ideally, the advertiser will want to place the billboard at a location where the impressions can reach maximum. In that regard, if the measure shows that the billboard impression is not as expected, the advertiser will focus elsewhere.
Billboard impressions will depend on the location. Therefore, if the location is rated as prime, it is obvious that the billboard will gain a high number of impressions. Another factor when calculating billboard effectiveness is number of people or the number of vehicles that could pass by per day. The advertiser will also want to know the number of people or the vehicles who actually look at the billboard, to determine its effectiveness.

Billboard costs vs. In-Hand Advertising

Measuring traffic for billboard effectiveness is a crucial measure when finding the ideal location for your billboard. You can measure the traffic using the approaches mentioned above. If the area is high traffic, it means the billboard will generate high number of impressions.

2.      Calculating Billboard CPM

Billboard pricing is another important factor when determining whether to advertise on billboards. Ideally, the CPM model is the cost for one thousand impressions. The CPMs vary depending on the location and the size of the billboard. As with any other investment, Price plays a critical role when it comes to determining the location for your billboard. Therefore, your advertising budget is often a limiting factor when picking suitable location for your adverts.

3.      How Much does it cost to Rent a Billboard?

Billboards have become a popular feature in the world of advertising. Besides, advertisers are interested in placing ads on the billboards. When evaluating the idea, how much it costs to rent the advert  space on billboards is a popular question. Overall, the cost to rent a billboard depends on the location, size, and the estimated number of impressions.

4.      Billboard Advertising Cost

The cost of advertising depends on the location, size and the estimated number of impressions. Therefore, you will want to choose the location that suits your budget. However, the cost of billboard advertising is often overrated.


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