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Subway’s ads costs

Here the details of Subway’s ads costs

Subway advertising refers to placement of advertising displays placed inside the subway trains or at the train stations. While subway advertising has been going on for a long time, it is no longer effective advertising method. This is following the Coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in less people using the subway travel. Therefore, the advertisers who have been depending on ambient advertising will have to change to ambient advertising. This is because of the high subway ads costs, while the subway adverts are less effective. What is ambient advertising and how does it work?

What is Ambient Advertising and why is it The New Normal?

Before we look into why ambient advertising is the new normal for the advertisers, let us evaluate what the advertisement method refers to, and how it works.
Ambient advertising refers to placing ads on unusual objects or in the unusual places where the target audience does not expect to find an advertisement. Therefore, the ambient advertising approach works through creating curiosity on the minds of the consumer. This concept is what makes ambient advertising more effective compared to the traditional advertisement media. Therefore, the ambient advertising method makes an impact because the marketers place the advert intelligently with an aim of generating interest on the advertisement.

Costs of Ambient Advertising

What Are the Benefits of Ambient Advertising?

To understand why ambient advertising has become the new way of targeting consumers, we look into the benefits that the method of advertising brings to the consumer.

Cost Effective

Do you know that ambient advertising costs less compared to the subway ads costs? Being a low cost advertising method, ambient adverts have become the best option for companies looking to lower the total cost of marketing. Here is a comparison table illustrating the total cost of advertising through traditional methods and ambient advertising methods.
Costs Of Traditional Media Advertising
Costs of Ambient Advertising
·         TV Advertising           $476,000
·         Highway Billboards    $14,000
·         Digital Billboards        $15,000
·         Magazines                   $500 to $20,000
·         Coffee Sleeves $1100
·         Door Hangers Advertising $1100
·         Advertising on Pharmacy Bags $1250
·         Adverts on Pizza Boxes $1250
Therefore, it is clear that ambient cost less than the subway ads costs, or the cost of advertising through the various traditional media.

More Effective

The ambient advertising techniques are more effective compared to the traditional advertising methods. Consider that the advert is developed creatively, and intends to create a surprise to the consumers. Therefore, the effectiveness is much higher, compared to advertising using the subway, which has become obvious and less attractive to the target audience.

Creates the Wow Effect

For an advertisement to succeed, the advertiser must look for a way to captivate the audience. The ambient advertising methods target the consumers while in a relaxed mood. For instance, the door hanger advertising targets the consumer while coming back, and more likely to concentrate on the message.


Based on the advantages we have outlined here, it is clear that ambient advertising is taking over the traditional advertising methods. Are you hoping to deploy the ambient advertising techniques? Talk to Adzze for the best advertising techniques. At Adzze, we have built the capacity required to deploy ambient advertisements successfully.