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Billboard Truck Ads Are Less Effective

Billboard Truck Ads Are Less Effective Now Than Pre-Pandemic

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, several markets have been affected negatively. Out-Of-Home advertising is one of the markets that continue to be affected due to the repercussions on the operating profits of various businesses. This is following the introduction of lockdown measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus. Health officials have warned against large crowds in public places. Therefore, as people choose to stay indoors, this has thrown a wrench into billboard truck ads and other forms of OOH advertising.

Billboard Truck Ads No Longer Effective

Before the pandemic, the OOH advertising was characterized by the placement of billboard truck ads. However, after the pandemic, the Billboards truck ads are becoming none effective. This is as people choose to stay indoors, in accordance with the recommendations issued by the officials from the health department.
Therefore, the billboard trucks and ads will most likely foresee tremendous disruption in the coming months. With social distancing and self-quarantine being the new normal, the human traffic on major streets and entertainment halls has decreased. Therefore, the traditional billboard truck ads will no longer serve as effective. Known as the traditional form of advertising, the use of billboards will be replaced by more effective advertising methods.

The Need For More Sensitive Advertisement Method

Sanitizing Display
The most effective approach to coping with the effects of the pandemic has been adopt and change approach. The same applies to the advertising industry. Therefore, as the billboards truck ads become none effective, it is time to adopt the new normal and change the advertising method.
Therefore, advertisers should learn to look for new opportunities like the use of sanitizing displays to reach the target audience. Basically, people have become more used to the need to use sanitizers more often. Therefore, we see sanitizing stations built across major cities and various public places. This includes at the bus terminals, hospitals, malls entry and exit points, and other common places.
Therefore, with sanitizing booths being the most common currently, advertisers can innovatively place the advertisements and reach the target audience.

How Does Advertising on Sanitizing Displays Work?

Basically, the sanitization stands are built innovatively and include the displays, through which we can reach the target audience. Therefore, as people use the sanitization stations, the advertisement is running on the display. An innovatively designed advert will be shown to the target audience.

Promotional Hand Sanitizer (1)

Therefore, if an advertiser is targeting people as they come to the shopping mall or hospitals, the placement of relevant adverts will work effectively. In that regard, it is upon the advertiser to research the interests of the target audience. It is important to design an advertisement that is short and precise. Therefore, the advertisement should be displayed within a short period.
Are you interested in the use of sanitizing displays to reach your target audience? At Adzze, we continue building capacity to provide our clients with creative advertisement solutions. Therefore, if you are interested in sanitizing displays to reach your target audience, reach out to us. Our team will be happy to work with you and come up with a creative approach to advertising.